Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Natalie Anderson made me laugh and cry at the same time while reading her wonderful contemporary romance Pleasured in the Playboy’s Penthouse. Honestly, once I began reading this extremely romantic love story, I couldn’t put it down.

Bella is not only the “chief” bridesmaid at her sister’s posh wedding; she is also in charge of the decorations. She has always felt inferior to her immediate and extended family because she’s different from their sophisticated ways and professions.

Everything becomes clear on the eve the wedding and no one has remembered it’s her birthday, she decides to let her hair down and celebrate by herself. However, as fate would have it, a tall, dark and handsome stranger in the name of Owen Hughes comes along and buys her “shots” of drinks with “sexy” names. Of course, they drink, share a meal together, dance and Owen realizes he’s been too busy working and has had no time for relaxation. He likes Bella immediately, finds her interesting, fun, lovely and offers to take her to the wedding. Immediately they both feel the passion, so he walks her to her room and they become lovers. Fate steps in again and Owen is called away on business but he’s determined to see her again and requests her phone number.

At the wedding, Bella feels like an outsider. Owen has left without a word and she’s left making excuses for his disappearance to her family, feeling as though she doesn’t fit in and is also embarrassed about her behavior the evening before. However, it’s just the push she needs to leave the protection of her family home and seek her dream of being an actress. She moves to the city and supports herself as a barista and children’s party planner; hoping to make it into “the big time” in the theater. And fate steps in again…..first she bumps into Owen at the grocery store, then things go from bad to worse which eventually leaves her homeless. Owen offers her his penthouse until she can get her life sorted and he’s determined to get to know her on his terms in and out of the bedroom.

Their time spent in his penthouse is a romantic dance. Their relationship becomes very hot from the moment she arrives at his home. Learning about each other, how they were raised, how that has shaped and made them what they are today will hold your attention. Owen is one determined alpha, he strives to win and get what he wants but he definitely makes it clear from the very beginning he does not want to commit to a relationship. And Bella is drawn to Owen like a moth to a flame and she stands to loose her heart. Their time together, even though at times sweet ends on a hurtful note. And for this reader, Owen’s realization that he wants it all with Bella was wonderful to read.

Natalie Anderson is a delightful and charming author who never fails to entertain her readers and Pleasured in the Playboys Penthouse was sexy, sweet, moving and powerful contemporary love story.

Book Description:

At the red-hot millionaire’s mercy!

Bella has always felt like the ugly duckling in her family, but after one night with super-sexy Owen Hughes she feels like a beautiful swan. Until she realizes Owen isn’t the ordinary guy she thought… This struggling waitress is daunted by his multi-millionaire status – he is exactly the kind of man she avoids!

Owen won’t let Bella shrink back into her shell. Two weeks of pleasure in his penthouse and he’ll have her begging for more…

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