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Our alpha is Connor O’Brien….just envision tall, dark, handsome and mysterious. He is a man who is totally dedicated to his intelligence occupation and for a reason. He wants to attachments, no involvements as he’s been there and done that; as a result he lost his wife and son in an airplane crash.

Sophy Woodruff you’ll immediately love. She’s lovely, sweet and only wants a family who will love and accept her. Sophy was adopted but has always felt her adoptive parents loved their only child more and the proof of that is they have moved to England to be with that daughter and their grandchildren.

Sophy has discovered she has her biological father living right there in Sydney and she has a half brother. She and her father have been secretly meeting but it’s been a very painful experience for Sophy. He’s cold, uncaring and wants to pay her off. Sophy is not aware she also has a grandfather and he was a very old and dear friend of Connor’s dad.

Upon his arrival for his R&R in Sydney, Connor’s father’s dearest friend approaches him and requests he do a favour, surveillance on a young lady he believes is having an affair with his son. Of course, as the story unfolds one learns that the supposed lover is Sophy’s biological father and everything becomes complicated.

Connor takes an office in Sophy’s building so he can watch her and doesn’t count on the attraction they will experience. Their love story is bittersweet. It will have you cheering when Connor finally gives in to his attraction. However, you will cry right along with Sophy when he returns to his intelligence position.

Untamed Billionaire, Undressed Virgin by author Anna Cleary is written in such a manner you’ll actually feel you’re in Sydney, in its posh areas, the gardens, restaurants, and shops. Anna is very expressive and detailed in each of her books and always such a joy to read.

Book Description:

The rebel billionaire…

Connor O’Brien has scars – inside and out – proof of the dark and dangerous life he leads.

The innocent girl next door…

Inexperienced Sophy Woodruff has never known a man as devastatingly sexy as Connor. Intense, brooding and distant, this bad boy is everything she shouldn’t desire…

He’ll take her – and show her the most exquisite pleasure!
Despite his vow of non-commitment, Connor can’t resist bedding Sophy. But Sophy is a virgin, and once he’s taken her innocence he’s not sure he can walk away…

Check out Anna’s website here for her inspiration for the book. Reading it, I was transported to a country I’ve never visited but felt right at home.

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