Monday, February 09, 2009


I was actually blown away reading this debut book by Sabrina Philips. Faye and Dante’s story is incredible! Dante is one stubborn, ruthless and opinionated Italian. As for Faye, she’s beautiful, loving and loyal to her family.

They had a past. It began when Dante came into Faye’s parents London restaurant. He was immediately drawn to her, even though he realized she was just fresh out of school but he recognized Faye’s talents and offered her a job; moving her to Italy. She was an excellent apprentice. She also knew she had very intense feelings for Dante. One evening Dante and Faye act upon their attraction and he takes away her virginity. He’s so upset by his actions, he hurls cruel accusations at her and Faye flees Italy without a word.

Now Faye is back and she needs Dante’s financial assistance to keep Matteson’s, the family restaurant from going under. In the end, Dante agrees, dangles their past in her face and demands she become his mistress. Their interaction, their attraction, the nasty comments and accusations Dante’s says to Faye will make your heart ache, it certainly did mine. Their time together in Italy will put you in an emotional state just reading about it.

I admired Faye’s determination and her need to save her family restaurant for her mother, for her father’s memory and for the staff at Matteson’s no matter what it would cost her in the end. After weeks of hard work, the accusations, and harsh comments are too much for her so again Faye leaves Dante to return home to rebuild Matteson's. However, now she has a secret and she's more determined to make the restaurant a success. As for Dante, let’s just say he learns many things about himself and what is most important to him which is Faye.

Sabrina Philips is a brilliant author and I feel so privileged to have been able to read her debut book. Its intensity will take your breath away and it will be one love story you will long remember.

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