Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Dana Marton is an extremely talented author and her “sheikh” book is sensual, full of intrigue and mystery, passion and about second chances.

The title Desert Ice Daddy, I really didn’t understand the title of the book until the end but that’s not the author’s fault. As we all know the author for the most part doesn’t have a say in the cover nor title of her book.

This billionaire Sheikh Akeem Abduil is one complex man. He’s part of his US Texas University “Aggie Four”, dedicated to his past college friends and his business. He’s always been in loved with his best friend’s sister. He’s very complex, born of a US mother and a “sheikh” and has had experience in the desert at the hand of his grandfather. He’s learned to be a warrior but also is an honor bound business man and friend. His biggest challenge is about to happen when he learns that his closest friend and the woman he always has loved needs him. Now Taylor McKade needs everyone’s help because her son as been kidnapped and is being held for ransom.

While this could be the typical romance/suspense it not…’s action packed, intense but what really struck a chord with me was the unconditional trust which happened between Akeem and Taylor. In desperate times they only had each other and their journey will take your breath away, how they come to terms with the past, the now and the future. Simply, it’s beautiful!

Book Description:

Billionaire Akeem Abdul's arrival at the McKade ranch went from business to personal when he learned Taylor McKade's little boy had disappeared. Taylor had only become more beautiful over the years, and Akeem couldn't stand seeing the pain on her face. As they followed the kidnappers' orders and trekked through the Texas heat, Akeem admired the strength it took for Taylor not to fall apart. But he was there when she did—and vowed to bring her son home. Still, all the money in the world couldn't eliminate his secret fears: that if they didn't find her son, this woman he'd finally found again could be lost to him forever….

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