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The French Tycoon’s Pregnant Mistress is the third book in the International Billionaire series and it’s extremely explosive, intense, a very steamy romance and a wonderful addition to the series.

From the moment they set eyes on each other in the Irish stadium they are drawn on a very powerful level. Pascal Lévêque is determined to meet and explore his interests with the beautiful redhead with the intense green eyes who is a television reporter covering the match between France and Ireland. This French alpha honestly is like no other. He’s handsome, strong, determined but also a very patient man. After a few encounters, he realizes she is like to other woman he’s met. She is fire in his blood and he wants to continue seeing her at any cost. He also sees her vulnerability and is determined to be patient while enjoying their time together. When Pascal discovers Alana is pregnant with his child and situations arise which embarrass Alana, her family and the Six Nations he takes her to Paris.

Alana Cusack has worked hard to get her position as a television reporter. Her husband was a famous rugby player, and a player with other women, so she divorced him, only to have him pass away before the divorce was final. She’s gained recognition by working hard but when she sees Pascal her heart stops. She finally agrees to go away with him and realizes she is in trouble because he brings her such pleasure. Two questions become apparent 1) can she trust and give in to her emotions for him and believe they had a future together? 2) When their affair ends will it destroy her, because it will end due to his reputation with women?

They both come from two different worlds, Alana from a family of six children, she being the youngest, a caring family full of love. However, she’s never really shared her married life with her family even though they were all very close. Pascal was raised in the poor and dangerous suburbs of France, and upon his mother’s death was sent to live with his grandfather. Pascal sacrificed his career in rugby to abide by his grandfather’s wishes. This made him a very wealthy man.

The French Tycoon’s Pregnant Mistress is an emotional rollercoaster for both Pascal and Alana. For him, at times he feels part of him is “untamed” and he doesn’t want their relationship to be just about the baby and sex. For Alana, too many to mention…, dealing with her emotions concerning her ex, the baby, her family, plus secrets; let’s just say prepare yourself for one steamy read which is very emotional on many levels as only Abby Green can write. This book has so many layers and when their secrets and feelings are revealed, be prepared; it was marvellous to read.

Book Description:

Devastatingly handsome French tycoon Pascal Lévêque has his sights set on Alana Cusack. Her seeming inexperience intrigues him—she used to be married!

Alana's marriage was a sham. It left her feeling unattractive and unwanted. Now that Pascal has claimed her as his mistress, he'll teach the innocent Alana how much pleasure can be had in the bedroom….

But passion leads to pregnancy and Pascal vows he'll take Alana in Paris…and to the altar!

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