Wednesday, March 25, 2009


As always, Michelle Reid never disappoints her readers and fans and The Greek's Force Bride is such an example of what an incredible author she is with this story so full of tension, passion, and understanding and eventually love.

The book is full of conflicts.....fiancĂ©, future brother in law, sister and her parents not to mention his ex-wife. Also, let’s not forget the sexual tension and the entire cast of characters past and present from being adopted, to being spoiled, and to being used. No wonder Leo Christakis the wealthy billionaire put up a shield around his hart but still stepped in because he was attracted to the lovely Natasha and suspected his brother of wrong doing not to mention Natasha was his brother’s future wife. She was a “buttoned up woman” yet he found her sexy.

When she appears at her future husband's office to break off their upcoming marriage because she realizes it’s a mistake she finds him with her sister in a compromising situation. She is not only shocked, she's sick to the bone. Not to mention that the man who makes her nervous and uncomfortable, her future brother in law witnesses Rico and her sister Cindy having an encounter on his desk. Leo takes things into his hands, emotions flair and everything spins out of control when he decides to take her to Greece.

From there everything seems to unravel and becomes not only uncomfortable but upsetting. Michelle Reid has a knack at enticing her readers in to a romantic wind tunnel and taking them on such a journey they don't even realize it until they read her books from cover to cover at one sitting.

I adored Leo Christkis, the handsome Greek; proud and stubborn billionaire and how he was drawn to the meek and mind Natasha, his brother's future wife. His protectiveness of her was sweet but not so his passion.

I absolutely could not understand her sister and her fiancĂ©’s betrayal except for their greed and to make a statement. However, what bothered me the most was Natasha’s parents, how they ignored her after her sister was born and how her sister was the “little princess” and stopped at nothing to get her way. But was extremely heartwarming is how Natasha grew in her relationship with Leo, not only in a physical way but in an emotional way and became stronger in the process.

Michelle Reid’s The Greek’s Force Bride is not a love story you’ll want to miss due to the nature of its passion, intensity, and attraction

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