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This wonderful last book in Jennifer Lewis The Hardcastle Progeny series was a total and wonderful surprise. The Heir’s Scandalous Affair, book three in the series was nothing short of brilliant. Why you might ask? The answer is read my notes on “behind the book” and if you’ve read the first two then you would understand. And if not, just know the story centers around Tarrant Hardcastle whose dying wish was to find his illegitimate children before he died. Usually a representative was sent to retrieve the DNA and bring the son home. However, in this case his widow takes on the task.

Of course Tarrant dies and the family is forced to move on and Samantha sets out in the journey in finding the final son and bringing him home to the family. You’ll love Samantha, because her exterior is extremely beautiful but inside more so and she’s so vulnerable during her grieving time and to take on such a task only shows the reader how important and determined she is to unite the Hardcastle clan. When you learn of her upbringing and her past marriages you’ll immediately have a soft spot for her and only wish her happiness.

New Orleans, what a sensual and mysterious setting where the story begins and where Sam seeks out Tarrant’s long lost son the very charming, sexy, and kind man, Louis. Louis DuLac is wealthy by his own rights and owns restaurants all over the world but what will attract one is his depth and insight into life and character. Knowing who his father was is of not importance to Louis and of course due to his own wealth and for personal reasons he doesn’t need the money not does he wish to find out who his father was but he is definitely intrigued by Samantha and the fact that he has two step brothers.

Sam literally stumbles into a “lounge” one evening, is rescued, wined and dined and literally is swept off her feet. Then one thing leads to another and the world tilts. Luke immediately rescues her; they spend the night in each others arms. In the morning, she leaves and readies herself to find Tarrant’s missing son. When she knocks on the door, Luke answers and they both are floored.

For them both, it a rollercoaster ride; self discovery for Sam at Louis hand But what I loved about this beautiful man was how he made Sam realize how important she was to her family and to him. Their journey and getting there is the best part of the story, especially all of the turmoil which takes place when they both return to New York for Louis to meet the family and friends. The dynamics of the Hardcastle’s, how they end up unified and the chemistry which is so full of fire and passion in The Heir’s Scandalous Affair will be a love story long remembered.

Book Description:

Young widow Samantha Hardcastle longs to find her late husband's heir and bring him into the family. Even so, restaurateur Louis DuLac won't respond to her calls or letters—or knocks at his New Orleans door. All alone, Samantha succumbs to the sensual refuge offered by a gorgeous stranger. Who turns out to be Louis DuLac.

Louis never knew his father's identity. Now this trophy widow wants him to take a DNA test to prove—or disprove— that he is a Hardcastle. No problem—if Samantha agrees to spend another evening with him….

Behind the book from the author:

“Young, beautiful women who marry rich, older men are often treated cruelly in the press. These 'trophy wives' seem to be objects of intense fascination and resentment, as evidenced by the ghoulish obsession with Anna Nicole Smith after the passing of her wealthy older husband.

The coverage of her life and tragic death made me wonder how it would feel to be subject to such envy and loathing. It sparked the idea for The Heir's Scandalous Affair, in which young widow Samantha Hardcastle has to find her way in the world after the death of her billionaire husband, Tarrant.

With the eyes and cameras of the world upon her, Sam finds herself falling in love with the one man she should stay far, far away from: her husband's illegitimate son. I hope you enjoy Sam and Louis's roller-coaster romance.”

Jen Lewis (direct quote from Eharlequin)

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