Monday, March 23, 2009


Jennie Lucas amazes me and this time her Virgin Mistress, Scandalous Love-Child is no exception. It’s steamy, sensual but what makes this particular story amazing is it’s also full of mystery, some action and a ton of secrets.

Ellie Jensen is an unusual heroine because while she was a successful Jr. Secretary she was also a high school drop-out. Ellie is in trouble. It’s her wedding day but not to the man she loves her boss and she’s also pregnant. When she tries to tell her boss Diogo, it becomes a disaster so she leaves her office and heads home to marry a hometown lawyer. Diogo finally figures out he is the gather due to seducing Ellie while on a business trip and so he interrupts the wedding kidnaps Ellie and takes her to his home in South America.

Diogo is one tempered, dangerous and sexy Spaniard. He was the illegitimate son of a wealthy man who refused to acknowledge him and so he was taken in by a family and literally grew up on the streets. He’s a self made and extremely determined and proud man. At any cost, he will have his child and he offers Ellie money to have the baby. When Diogo realizes Ellie will have none of it, he takes her away and marries her.

What I admired about Ellie was her courage and determination to give her child the best, a mother and a father and a home unlike what she had as a child. Her strength leaps off the pages because you learn that months before Diogo had taken everything from her; her innocence, her faith and her courage in her dreams. But even though he’s a hard man, she loves him and in the end she heals him through her love for him.

As for Diogo, he’s a warrior in every sense. He didn’t want his children to grow up the way he had and he was determined to protect them and keep them safe. When he sees his child on the ultrasound, it changes everything for him.

Virgin Mistress, Scandalous Love-Child was like Rio and the hero, Diogo…. a seductive, passionate and extremely intense read. When Diogo realizes he could possibly loose Ellie and his child, his fierceness will have you holding your breath. And Ellie’s love and determination to have the family she has always dreamed of will melt your heart.

Book Description:

She’s pregnant – and he’ll take what is rightfully his!

In the sultry heat of Rio and its Carnaval, Ellie succumbs to her dangerously charismatic boss Diogo Serrador. But, having taken her virginity, the Brazilian billionaire wants nothing more to do with her – until he discovers she’s pregnant!

Diogo will accept nothing less than taking Ellie as his bride. Their marriage is passionate by night but forced and hollow by day. Ellie realises that she’s in an impossible situation: Diogo’s dark past has frozen his heart, but she’s fallen in love with her husband…

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Anonymous said...

I just looked and it's not released in the US until June. I don't know if I can wait! Love the cover, very sensual.


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