Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Mitch Stewart learned well from his father, about honour, respect and taking care of his family. He’s extremely successful in business as the President of an investment firm which leaves little time for relaxation so he decides to get a pet fish which he names Kamikaze. For Mitch, meeting the owner of the pet shop is quite an experience and the attraction between is immediate. He soon learns that being a pet owner has it challenges as the fish won’t stay in his bowl, so he finds the business card and calls the owner Vanessa requesting a house call.

Vanessa Craig is sweet, lovely and has two problems. The day that Mitch Stuart entered her pet shop she had never seen a man quite like him and even though she’s attracted to him, she immediately knows that he is out of her league. She has a lot on her mind, she is in desperate need of a business loan or she’ll loose her shop. When Mitch calls her to make a house call because his fish keeps leaping out of its bowl, she obliges him and then things change for several reasons. Vanessa shares her personal financial information and a kiss which should have not happened. Their attraction for each other is breathtaking and even though they both fight it life becomes very complicated. It becomes complicated for several reasons as Mitch steps in with a personal loan & it hurts Vanessa in the end when she learns the truth. On top of everything, she meets his mother who definitely does not approve of her and she falls head over heels for Mitch. As far as his feelings everything he does, it’s for Vanessa….the loan and he also faces the possibility of loosing a promised promotion.

Robyn Grady has written one of the sweetest and romantic love story in Naughty Nights in the Millionaire’s Mansion. Both characters had so much depth and so much love to give each other you won’t want to miss out on reading Vanessa and Mitch’s story. Their journey is not only sweet due to Mitch’s constant attention and belief in Vanessa; it’s basically prince charming coming to the rescue. Vanessa’s determination to walk away because she knew she wouldn’t fit in with his lifestyle, pure sacrifice for the man she adored.

Hot-shot in the boardroom – blazing in the bedroom!

Dynamic and drop-dead gorgeous, in two weeks’ time Sydney millionaire Mitch Stuart will be president of his family’s empire – and he won’t allow himself any distractions… Enter Vanessa Craig!

Vanessa’s working hard to keep her little business afloat, although she can’t help but care more about the pets in her store than pennies in the bank.

Mitch steps in to help her in the only way he knows: financially. But Vanessa’s bewitching kisses threaten his hard-and-fast corporate rule: not to mix business with pleasure…

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Rafe is one handsome and rich prince who was determined to have the lovely Sienna at any cost. After one night of passion he is called home and doesn’t explain the situation to Sienna which hurts her deeply. Now months later she arrives on his island in her company’s helicopter bringing a prospective bride. Rafe recognizes Sienna immediately and insists she stay literally holding her captive.

Sienna is doomed; she is so attracted to Rafe it’s not funny and on top of everything she carrying his twin babies. He is now making sure she doesn’t leave his island and insists they will marry as she is carrying the heirs he and his country so desire. Can she endure being held captive on this island and marry him when he doesn’t love her?

What I loved about Forced Wife, Royal Love-Child were many things; 1) they both came up the hard way he the illegitimate son of the crown prince and she was raised by a single mother; now she has her dream job as a helicopter pilot. 2) the legend of the Island of Monvelatte and it’s beauty 3) her strength to stand up to him 4) his arrogance and when she was faced with danger how he came to realize there were more important things than avoiding love 5) their shared passion, it was just plain spectacular

Again Trish Morey has written a beautiful and powerful love story and I’m hoping one of her future books will feature Rafe’s friend Sebastino or his sister Marietta.

Book Description:

Sienna Wainwright has one passionate night with international financier Rafe Lombardi before he unceremoniously casts her out of his bed. Sienna hopes never to see his seductively arrogant face again, but six weeks later their world changes—forever….

Rafe is no longer just a billionaire, but is revealed as the prince of Montvelatte. What's more, Sienna is pregnant—with his twins! What choice does she have now? Rafe is determined to claim his heirs and take Sienna as his royal wife!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

April Contest, Five Chances go Win!

As a Harlequin Ambassador from time to time they send free books for give aways. This month Married by Mistake by Abby Gaines is available for five lucky readers. As part of the program they will ask me what you might do with the free book i.e. give it away, read it, review it? All you need to do is post your comment and please check back at the end of the month to see if you're a winner. If you don't leave your contact info, I can't send you a book. Good luck!

Book Description:

Do not adjust your set. That really was Casey Greene being jilted by her fiancé on live TV! And that really was Memphis's most eligible bachelor who stepped in to marry her instead.

Millionaire businessman Adam Carmichael wanted only to help Casey save face. He isn't prepared for the news that their "fake" wedding is legal and binding.

While they secretly wait for an annulment, media and family scrutiny forces them to put on their best loving-couple act. Except by now, neither one is quite sure who's acting….

Monday, April 06, 2009


Anne Oliver’s Business in the Bedroom hinted that there was a missing sister possibly somewhere in Australia. Anne's Pregnant by the Playboy Tycoon introduces you to the very beautiful and sensitive Annie Duffield who recently lost her mother. While putting away her mother’s personal belongings she discovers she was adopted and the well respected heart surgeon she’s called father and her mother have lied to her. After some research she also finds that her sister is looking for her and sets out to find Abby.

Annie is Steve Anderson’s sister best friend and for years she has been a thorn in his side. He’s always found her lovely and has tried to push his attraction and lust for her to the back of his mind. Now his sister has asked Steve to accompany Annie on her secret journey across Australia to the Gold Coast and he’s trapped in more ways than one you will later learn.

Their sexual awareness is so powerful and strong plus the tenderness that Steve gives Annie is breathtaking. They both fight their needs until everything combusts but their journey at getting there is amazing. However, there are so many unanswered questions for them both; what is Annie holding back? When she finds her sister and returns home will their relationship end? Annie’s reason for her trip remains a secret until they change hotels and one afternoon they accidentally bump into her and then everything changes for Annie and then some.

Annie and Zak’s journey is rocky, steamy but in the end a healing one for both of them. It’s a romantic journey you won’t want to miss!

Book Description:

There's always been a simmering sexual tension between Annie Duffield and gorgeous businessman Steve Anderson. Until now Annie has always kept her frosty barriers firmly in place, but then a shock discovery means the playboy tycoon feels duty-bound to protect her….

Soon Steve finds Annie's deep freeze is on fast thaw—with supersteamy consequences! But he's made it clear he never intends to settle down…and Annie has just discovered she's pregnant….


Anne Oliver’s Business in the Bedroom is set on the beautiful Australian Gold Coast with an incredible gypsy like heroine, Abby Seymour. You’ll immediately love her character as she’s like the wind, free and full of spirit that soar soff of the pages. Abby has set out to start up and a new business but has been duped by the seller. She wants to set up a message business and then send for her beloved foster mom, Aurora. Aurora took Abby in and raised her and now Abby wants to make a home for them both.

Zak Forrester is to die for, talk dark and handsome and a successful business man but carries the guilt of his ex-wife death. When he spots Abby and then learns of her situation plus the pull he feels for her, he offers her his home when he finds out that she’s been living out of her car. Zak and Abby also negotiate a deal….Abby is to pose for promo pictures for his spa boutique hotel and in return she gets to use one of the offices at his spa hotel to set up her business.

Their story is a very dangerous dance because they are both strongly drawn to each other and Zak fights it every step of the way. It’s a warm, endearing and lovely journey and reading about Zak turn around and acceptance of his love for Abby was beautiful to read.

One will also learn that Abby has a sister somewhere and I was thrilled to just finish their reunion in Anne’s April Presents release of Pregnant by the Playboy Tycoon, another incredible read.

Book Description:

Abby Seymour's arrived on the Australian Gold Coast to start a new business. Only, she's been swindled! Left with no cash, she needs help.

Abby intrigues sexy, dark businessman Zak Forrester, and he offers her a roof over her head. Living together, it's impossible to resist the intense chemistry between them. But Zak insists that although she may share his bed, she can never be his wife….

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