Monday, April 06, 2009


Anne Oliver’s Business in the Bedroom is set on the beautiful Australian Gold Coast with an incredible gypsy like heroine, Abby Seymour. You’ll immediately love her character as she’s like the wind, free and full of spirit that soar soff of the pages. Abby has set out to start up and a new business but has been duped by the seller. She wants to set up a message business and then send for her beloved foster mom, Aurora. Aurora took Abby in and raised her and now Abby wants to make a home for them both.

Zak Forrester is to die for, talk dark and handsome and a successful business man but carries the guilt of his ex-wife death. When he spots Abby and then learns of her situation plus the pull he feels for her, he offers her his home when he finds out that she’s been living out of her car. Zak and Abby also negotiate a deal….Abby is to pose for promo pictures for his spa boutique hotel and in return she gets to use one of the offices at his spa hotel to set up her business.

Their story is a very dangerous dance because they are both strongly drawn to each other and Zak fights it every step of the way. It’s a warm, endearing and lovely journey and reading about Zak turn around and acceptance of his love for Abby was beautiful to read.

One will also learn that Abby has a sister somewhere and I was thrilled to just finish their reunion in Anne’s April Presents release of Pregnant by the Playboy Tycoon, another incredible read.

Book Description:

Abby Seymour's arrived on the Australian Gold Coast to start a new business. Only, she's been swindled! Left with no cash, she needs help.

Abby intrigues sexy, dark businessman Zak Forrester, and he offers her a roof over her head. Living together, it's impossible to resist the intense chemistry between them. But Zak insists that although she may share his bed, she can never be his wife….

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