Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Mitch Stewart learned well from his father, about honour, respect and taking care of his family. He’s extremely successful in business as the President of an investment firm which leaves little time for relaxation so he decides to get a pet fish which he names Kamikaze. For Mitch, meeting the owner of the pet shop is quite an experience and the attraction between is immediate. He soon learns that being a pet owner has it challenges as the fish won’t stay in his bowl, so he finds the business card and calls the owner Vanessa requesting a house call.

Vanessa Craig is sweet, lovely and has two problems. The day that Mitch Stuart entered her pet shop she had never seen a man quite like him and even though she’s attracted to him, she immediately knows that he is out of her league. She has a lot on her mind, she is in desperate need of a business loan or she’ll loose her shop. When Mitch calls her to make a house call because his fish keeps leaping out of its bowl, she obliges him and then things change for several reasons. Vanessa shares her personal financial information and a kiss which should have not happened. Their attraction for each other is breathtaking and even though they both fight it life becomes very complicated. It becomes complicated for several reasons as Mitch steps in with a personal loan & it hurts Vanessa in the end when she learns the truth. On top of everything, she meets his mother who definitely does not approve of her and she falls head over heels for Mitch. As far as his feelings everything he does, it’s for Vanessa….the loan and he also faces the possibility of loosing a promised promotion.

Robyn Grady has written one of the sweetest and romantic love story in Naughty Nights in the Millionaire’s Mansion. Both characters had so much depth and so much love to give each other you won’t want to miss out on reading Vanessa and Mitch’s story. Their journey is not only sweet due to Mitch’s constant attention and belief in Vanessa; it’s basically prince charming coming to the rescue. Vanessa’s determination to walk away because she knew she wouldn’t fit in with his lifestyle, pure sacrifice for the man she adored.

Hot-shot in the boardroom – blazing in the bedroom!

Dynamic and drop-dead gorgeous, in two weeks’ time Sydney millionaire Mitch Stuart will be president of his family’s empire – and he won’t allow himself any distractions… Enter Vanessa Craig!

Vanessa’s working hard to keep her little business afloat, although she can’t help but care more about the pets in her store than pennies in the bank.

Mitch steps in to help her in the only way he knows: financially. But Vanessa’s bewitching kisses threaten his hard-and-fast corporate rule: not to mix business with pleasure…


Kate Diamond said...

This sounds good!

I like your blog. I came across it while doing research for one of my blog articles. Would you like to come comment? (I'm speaking to the assumptions people make about romance novels.)

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Kate, romance for me is about what two people can learn and bring to a relationship. However, I have a couple of authors in mind which I believe would be better at commenting about your request. Just email me and I'll ask they if they'll respond to your question. Thanks for stopping by, love your blog.

Also I see that you're a Pacific NW author and would you be willing to donate something to Brenda Novak's auction for Jr. Diabetes? If so, please email me as well.


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