Monday, April 06, 2009


Anne Oliver’s Business in the Bedroom hinted that there was a missing sister possibly somewhere in Australia. Anne's Pregnant by the Playboy Tycoon introduces you to the very beautiful and sensitive Annie Duffield who recently lost her mother. While putting away her mother’s personal belongings she discovers she was adopted and the well respected heart surgeon she’s called father and her mother have lied to her. After some research she also finds that her sister is looking for her and sets out to find Abby.

Annie is Steve Anderson’s sister best friend and for years she has been a thorn in his side. He’s always found her lovely and has tried to push his attraction and lust for her to the back of his mind. Now his sister has asked Steve to accompany Annie on her secret journey across Australia to the Gold Coast and he’s trapped in more ways than one you will later learn.

Their sexual awareness is so powerful and strong plus the tenderness that Steve gives Annie is breathtaking. They both fight their needs until everything combusts but their journey at getting there is amazing. However, there are so many unanswered questions for them both; what is Annie holding back? When she finds her sister and returns home will their relationship end? Annie’s reason for her trip remains a secret until they change hotels and one afternoon they accidentally bump into her and then everything changes for Annie and then some.

Annie and Zak’s journey is rocky, steamy but in the end a healing one for both of them. It’s a romantic journey you won’t want to miss!

Book Description:

There's always been a simmering sexual tension between Annie Duffield and gorgeous businessman Steve Anderson. Until now Annie has always kept her frosty barriers firmly in place, but then a shock discovery means the playboy tycoon feels duty-bound to protect her….

Soon Steve finds Annie's deep freeze is on fast thaw—with supersteamy consequences! But he's made it clear he never intends to settle down…and Annie has just discovered she's pregnant….

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