Saturday, May 30, 2009


Natalie Anderson has written the most amazing love story which literally sizzles off the pages with extreme passion, major secrets, an incredible journey and a most romantic and teary ending one a romance reader will definitely want to read.

While reading this I went through many thought processes because Sienna the lovely young woman made me wonder what I would do in her situation. The reader is given her background that she was coddled by her family due to a heart problem and now as an adult she has left home to begin a lifetime journey with her journal and a wish list. Not knowing her fate, she has a list of things she wants to accomplish and when she arrives in Australia and meets the handsome Rhys she believes to be a band promoter, one of the items at the top of her list is to experience a night of passion like no other and you won’t believe how she accomplishes her task. In fact, next time I see a storage closet, I’m going to blush!

As for Rhys, being a well known doctor, a man of wealth from a well known Australian family and one with past experiences with women who only wanted him for fame and fortune, he’s decided to take a short and needed vacation using another identity. What he doesn’t count on is meeting Sienna and how much he’s attracted to her and wants to continue the vacation romance but discretely.

When Sienna’s medical issues are revealed to Rhys, you will see such a wonderful softness in him, however you’ll be angry when you realize he’s invaded her space and read her journal. The lesson he learns is that she matters and he wants to be more than a vacation romp and in the end how he makes everything right. But it’s how they both get there is what’s important.

Sienna’s journey is just that, she needs to experience, life without constraints, live, laugh, love, and take chances. After spending time with Rhys she realizes that leaving him is going to be painful but she must leave him and follow her dreams. In the end and yes your tears will fall especially when they both realize how very special and unique their relationship has become and they must forgive each other.

Rhys and Sienna’s energy, strength and passion are beautiful but Rhys realization that he needed to forgive himself, learn to trust and believe were wonderful to read. The “new list” they agreed to create together to keep up with the zest for life was extremely sweet and emotional

Book Description:

One night of hot loving...

Gorgeous millionaire Rhys Maitland is tired of women throwing themselves at him because of his power and wealth. When he meets beauty Sienna Rendel, Rhys decides to hide the truth, and insists on being with her for one night only...

Sienna's quite happy with Rhys's offer of fast, furious lovemaking! She doesn't know she's being pleasured by a secret millionaire, but when she and Rhys realize one night isn't enough, they'll have to strip themselves bare - in every sense!

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