Tuesday, May 26, 2009


If you want intense and weepy, then this wonderful rollercoaster contemporary romance, written by the very talented Sarah Morgan is for you!

It's very evident that when Raul and Faith meet by chance that there are definite sparks flying between them. Raul is drawn to her beauty but when he finds out that she's a vet employed on his Argentine horse ranch he invites her to his private home. One thing leads to another and they begin an affair. However, Raul makes it very clear that he doesn't do marriage but Faith sincerely believes he loves her. When she finds her self expecting she tells him and they marry.

Raul is a very virile, macho and sexy billionaire. He's also an accomplished polo player, horseman and businessman. He's ruthless and stubborn in his beliefs about love and marriage. When Faith learns that he doesn't love her and when she looses her baby, she flees; only to be found and brought back to Argentina.

Their marriage was a very rocky road with many lessons to be learned like trust and love. The Vasquez Baby was a very emotional and entertaining read, one I'll remember for sometime.

Book Description:

When young and innocent Faith arrives at Raul's luxurious Argentinean estancia, he instantly decides she'll make the perfect mistress! Dressed in diamonds by day and lying between Raul's silk sheets by night, Faith is swept away by her new lavish lifestyle. But then she discovers that, quite by accident, she has done the one thing Raul has expressly forbidden…

Now Faith must face Raul and tell him that she, the Vasquez mistress, is expecting the Vasquez heir.

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