Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Robyn Grady has written a fantastic and wonderful love story in Bedded by Blackmail.

Tristan is quite a catch and is constantly pursued by women who for the most part want him for his wealth. He has left the family business and has become quite successful himself so he's learned to be cautious of women's motives.

When he returns home one day he finds a woman swimming in a pink bikini and long and tanned legs only to discover it's his "mousy" housekeeper Ella Jacobs. He's alarmed because there have been break-ins in his neighborhood and sees her over turned purse. Now Ella has inherited some money from her mother's estate and is giving her notice to Tristan but he talks her into staying on as he has a business deal to close and needs her to cook and help entertain.

Ella is a lovely woman but she has secrets and she's keeping them that way. Just before her mother passed away, she found out her father had an illegitimate son and the only way to describe him is he's evil and he's blackmailing Ella. He's also gone to the police accusing her of killing her mother. The entire situation is a mess. Her brother Drago calls and hangs up, shows up without warning asking for money and has violent tendencies. In the end, an additional secret is revealed to Tristan and everything turns upside down.

Ella's not the only one with secrets, Tristan has one of his own; a fiance who was killed when driving drunk. He also believes she was having an affair with his oldest brother. Reading this story one will definitely feel the family tension. At times you will see his jealous and mistrusting tendancies.

Bedded by Blackmail is a lovely romance with some lessons to be learned, like trust, forgiveness and belief in finding happiness. Just another example of an incredible romnantic story as only author Robyn Grady can pen.

Product Description

Burned by a greedy heiress, Tristan Barkley had sworn off romance. Until a sizzling night with Ella Jacobs, his secretive housekeeper turned blonde bombshell, made the millionaire rethink his decision. He'd find a way to guarantee she remained by his side…and in his bed.

Yet when he learned she was carrying his child, he proposed the only solution: marriage. As their no-strings-attached connection turned all too real, Tristan couldn't shake the feeling that Ella was hiding something. And soon he began to doubt her true motives for the match—for love, for money…or forever?

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