Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Captivating is how I would describe Sarah Morgan’s Capelli’s Captive Virgin as it’s one of those love stories you’ll want to read from beginning to end in one sitting. Their chemistry leaps off of the pages.

Lindsay is a relationship counselor who’s had first hand experience because she witnessed her parents fail and blame everything on her young sister who also made some bad decisions when it came to men. And she has a problem; she hasn’t heard from her sister Ruby and has flown to Rome where Ruby is working for the billionaire Alessio Capelli. She dreads seeing him because they somewhat have a past. While the sisters were in Rome they were approached by a gang and it was Alessio and his brother Dino who saved them. Now Ruby is with Dino, is missing and Lindsay is frantic. She also dreads seeing Alessio again because of the sensual tension which vibrates between them and she is the only woman who ever walked away from him.

Alessio is a divorce attorney and very good and rich one with a reputation going from one woman to another and making it clear he doesn’t do marriage. He also only represents men. Now he is faced at seeing the only woman who has ever walked away from him and on top of everything she’s a pain because of her being so opininated on relationships, love, commitment etc. He tricks her into taking her sisters place as his personal assistant and going with him to the Caribbean to work a high profile divorce case. Then tension simmers between them and they act on the passion between them. Their bantering was amusing and their passion amazing.

There were many ups and down to this wonderful love story like Lindsay coming to terms with how’s she’s dealt with her sister, acting on the passion with Alessio knowing nothing will come of it and leaving him when she realized she loved him and that love would not be returned. For Alessio the realization he actually liked this woman, shared more with her than any other woman he’s been involved with and actually shared past family secrets with her. It’s sensual, fun at times especially their arguments, romantic and just an incredible love story.

Book Description:

Lindsay has turned down ruthless Sicilian Alessio Capelli once before, but he's determined she won't do it again—he will use her and discard her! Circumstance has provided him with the ideal opportunity: Lindsay has been forced to step into her missing sister's shoes and work for him.

This time Alessio will be the one in control. He relishes the thought of having a virgin in his bed, and he'll do everything to keep her captive—until he's ready to dismiss her….


Nicola Cornick said...

Marilyn, I'm so pleased you have reviewed this book! I love Sarah Morgan's writing and this was one of my favourites. It's sensual, romantic and a great read. Thank you!

penney said...

I love Sarah's books I can't wait to read this one, thank you


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