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The Once and Future Prince is part of The Castadini Crown series and the first book in the series. This is one incredible sensual and erotic journey; all I can say is that it's magnificent. Olivia Gates is an extraordinary storyteller and this series promises to be every bit as great as her Throne of Judar.

At the beginning of the book there's an explanation of the trilogy.
It's set on a lush Mediterranean island drenched in sun and history, a kingdom that has refused to follow the rules of the world. For in Castaldini the crown is won, not inherited.

One learns early in the book that Prince Leandro D'Agostino has been stripped of his throne and is now residing in the USA, Before this happened, for months he had been having a secret affair with the beautiful Phoebe Alexander. Their passion was so intense it literally took my breath away. So one can only imagine when Leandro asks Phoebe to stay with him in the US and she refuses, it becomes nasty and their parting was intense.

Now eight years later the King of Castaldini has asked Phoebe to return to the US to request Leandro come back home, have his title restored and take over as ruler of the country. You would be able to ignore the tension both emotion and sensual between these two when their are reunited. Of course, Phoebe experiences roadblocks so when Leandro tells her he will only return if she resides with him.

Phoebe agrees to return with him and comes to terms her attraction attraction and her love for this incredible man. She agrees to reside with him at his lovely home and they finally fall into each others arms. All I can say is this is more than a sensual journey, it's incredibly romantic. The are scenes in the book like no other and when I now see a swing, I'll be sure to blush!

Of course no romance would be worth reading without secrets and misunderstandings and The Once and Future Prince have their share. For Phoebe she believes she will only have Leandro for awhile because of she's not good enough to be his queen. For Leandro she is the only queen he wants and when the council tells him is is to marry another, he is furious. Of course he over hears and misunderstands a conversation and strikes out and hurts Phoebe. So you can imagine when she realizes she's pregnant and now he tells her he's marrying another, Phoebe disappears again from his life.

I love reading about second chances and Olivia Gates has frustrated me with this splendid and wonderful book because I have to wait to read her next book in the series.

Product Description

He would have been king of Castaldini…until scandal sent Prince Leandro D'Agostino into exile. Now Phoebe Alexander, his secret lover who'd refused to leave with him, had come to convince him to accept his rightful crown. But the pain of betrayal still coursed through Leandro's veins. He would rule only if Phoebe bowed to his wishes.

Scorched from the decisions of her past, Phoebe was willing to do Leandro's royal bidding. She knew she could never be his queen, but she would freely become the prince's lover. Then an unexpected pregnancy changed everything.

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