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Presents Marathon reading

I can't recall ever reading a Catherine George Presents but she'll be an auto buy for me from now on as I so enjoyed The Italian Count's Defiant Bride. It's about second chances and will absolutely tug at your heart strings.

As a young teenager just fresh out of school with absolutely no experience, Alicia travels to Florence with her bestfriend Megan and literally bumps into Count Francesco da Luca a retired rugby player. Alicia is overwhelmed because she's been a fan of his for years. Francesco shows her the city and they quickly fall in love and marry. However, their wedding night is a disaster and she leaves and returns home and refuses his calls.

Now years later, Francesco returns to Wales and is determined to see Alicia and bring her back to Italy under pretenses that his mother has left her something and the rest of the heirs cannot get their inheritance until she signs the papers. On top of everything else, Alicia has a problem with a man she adores like a brother and he's made advances so Francesco and Alicia decide to tell everyone they have reconciled.

It's such a lovely and romantic love story, one you will definitely not want to miss.

Book Description:

Count Francesco da Luca doesn't like being made a fool of. When his bride fled the marriage bed, he vowed she'd pay the debt she owed him—their wedding night!

But Alicia Cross is no longer the trembling, naive innocent he married—and she won't be pushed around by the masterful count. His runaway bride is proving to be more of a challenge than he anticipated—until he discovers she's still a virgin. The wedding night Francesco wanted is his for the taking!

Ruthless Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress by the very talented Cathy Williams was extremely exciting to read. Cesar Caretti is one stubborn and driven man and he's extremely frustrated with his younger brother who he's threatening to take away his trust fund. Now this very same brother has requested a meeting to discuss a project he's working on and Cesar is frustrated at leaving London, and he driving in a horrible snow storm. Upon arrival, he's very aware that his brother has started up an upscale jazz club and he's also aware of a young woman who's not the typical date his brother would choose. She's somewhat of a tomboy and she's very cheeky. On top of that, he takes her home as the storm continues and gets snowed in for days, which puts him over the top.

Jude is a woman who speaks her mind, is a designer and her closest friend Imogen is Cesar's brother Fernando (Freddy) little secret. They are in love and expecting a baby but Freddy wants to open a club and is afraid that his brother will think Imogen is a gold digger. Because Jude is their dedicated friend, Freddy feels it best to keep Imogen and the baby a secret. Cesar, Jude believes is a stubborn a stern man and on top of everything they are stranded and stuck but she takes advantage because it gives her time to speak on Freddy's behalf. What neither of them count on is the attraction and when they act on that attraction, everything goes up in flames.

When the snow clears and Cesar returns to London, he can't get her out of his mind and when he learns that Jude is pregnant with his child, he's determined they will marry and that she will live closer to him. They are both stubborn as mules but in the end Cesar wins out! On top of everything else, there is a ghost in Cesar's past, his wife who he's literally put on a pedestal because she died early in their marriage.

Cesar's and Jude's story is full of turmoil and compromises and extremely spirited and in the end, beautiful to read.

Cesar Caretti has had a string of sophisticated socialites warming his bed—until he meets Jude. Her untainted beauty sets his Spanish blood on fire!

Jude struggles to keep up with Cesar's glamorous world. Then her inexperience is fully revealed: she's expecting the Spaniard's baby. For Cesar there is only one option—marriage. After all, he is a Caretti. And, as Jude discovers, his proposal is not a question…it's a command!

Kelly Hunter has written an incredible love story in The Maverick's Green Island Mistress. Her character development was amazing as she put together the beautiful and sexy Serena with the knock out and gorgeous Pete. It's a wonderful story about an secluded and small Greek island with a cast of characters the reader will long remember.

Serena is of Greek and Australian decent and she and her cousin Nico live in the family home. Serena rents vespas and Nico fishes. The entire island knows every ones business from Nico and his crush on Chloe who runs a local hotel and her nephew Sam and now the new arrival and helicopter pilot replacement Pete Bennett.

Pete is one sexy and gorgeous pilot and the immediate attraction between he and Serena leaps off of the pages. The entire town tries to put up road blocks in their relationship so they are always trying to sneak away to have alone time together. It was such a fun and sassy read with passion, danger thrown into the mix
On the back cover there's a quote, "Red-hot and reckless!" and this certainly describes Hunter's romantic love story.

Serena is a very determined young woman. For most of her life she has lived for her family. Just as soon as she can, she wants to leave the island and pursue her career in photo journalism so a summer romance for her would be fun as long as no one gets hurt. As for Pete, he's in agreement as he's a love 'em and leave 'em sort of guy. So when he falls, well let's just say their journey in finding happiness is a rocky one, a beautiful tale you definitely won't want to miss.

Book Description:

Pete Bennett: this maverick playboy revels in the thrill of the chase. He never falls for a girl; she falls for him, and he's the one to walk away….

In Greece for the summer, Serena can't resist the glint of sin in Pete's eyes. Soon the baddest of boys has made her his Greek island mistress.…

Their supposedly temporary affair is hot and heavy. But one month in, Pete should be ready to roam. So what's keeping Serena in his arms

Robyn Donald has written a mysterious and incredibly romantic love story in Virgin Bought and Paid For, set on a secluded and beautiful tropical island.

Fleur was a sweet, natural beauty with a broken heart because of the death of her mother. The very same mother she's nursed for the past three years putting her life on hold. Now she's vacationing in a tropical paradise, a trip her mother planned for her before she passed and she has absolutely no money and finds herself be taken care of by Luke Chapman, one of the island's aristocracy. Her back pack was stolen with her money and clothes, so she's been sleeping on the beach, no food and fainted. Luke's security man has picked her up brought her to his home.

Luke Chapman is a very rich and handsome man who is devoted to his family and the island residents and their economy. He has an important deal coming up and on top of everything else his ex-mistress who once resided on the island is in danger from her husband. Fleur looks so much like her, she's the perfect decoy so Luke asks her to stay and play the role.

Virgin Bought and Paid For is full of island history, romance, mystery and danger. When Fleur is literally thrust in a airplane and taken to a safe house because Luke insists she leave, you're heart will break for Fleur. When she realizes she's fallen in love with Luke, flees his protection and realizes she's expecting his baby you'll need tissues, I promise.

Product Description

When a mysterious young woman is found on the tropical island of Fala'isi, Luke Chapman insists that she remain at his home. But Luke isn't being entirely benevolent; he has an ulterior motive for keeping her close….

Penniless Fleur Lyttelton has no idea why the enigmatic Luke is being so nice to her—they are worlds apart. Fleur knows she'll never be able to repay Luke's kindness, until he makes her an offer she can't refuse…and she realizes that her virginity is his price….

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