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BILLIONAIRE PRINCE, PREGNANT MISTRESS (Book 1 The Royal House of Karedes series)

Again the very talented author Sandra Marton dazzles her readers with the first book in The Royal House of Karedes series, Billionaire Prince, Pregnant Mistress. Dazzle doesn’t even come close to describing this book as her alpha Alexandros is not only royal, handsome and sexy I would name him the Prince of Darkness. As for Maria, she’s beautiful, soulful and a very talented jewellery designer. And now this unforgiving man has been assigned a task by the King (his father) to bring back to their island Aristo, Maria Santos the very woman he sent packing because he believed her a fraud . He believed she had an agenda months ago by bumping into him and he felt it was a set-up to gain a commission to produce a necklace for his mother’s birthday. He still can’t get her out of his mind and remembers clearly the passion they shared but can’t help but feel it was all a scam. Now Alexandros is going to face her again and have to convince her to return to Aristo.

Maria is shocked to see him again, her cold past lover. Since her return to the US she’s been trying to make a name for her self but even though she’s sold to a few well known houses, it’s going to take a commission to put her on the map. Seeing him again is hard for her as she remembers their last time together and the names he called her. However, she needs this commission so she agrees against her better judgement to return with him. The tension between them leaps off the page and one gets the impression for them both it’s not over. Alex is sure he can have her again and demands she stay at his villa, feeling he now has the upper hand.

No love story would be complete without the passion, secrets, misunderstandings and this story has it and more. Alexandros is ruthless in his pursuit and aches to possess and she can’t say no. So as one can well imagine, this is a roller coaster love story and in the end, of course, more tension…….she leaves because of a promise.

So many family dynamics, her bitter mother, his lion hearted father the King, his mother the peace maker and dynamic .siblings made for an incredible story. Then the mystery introduced concerning the crown jewels , their history, what it meant to their country and the knowledge revealed by Maria ,the pink diamond and 9the star piece in the crown was a fake! Add to the mix the King on his death bed makes a request to Maria which will change her life.

So many feelings and emotions…..anger, revenge, hurtful accusations, lust, attraction, and the best of all forgiveness, love and understanding and a love story so very powerful as only Sandra Marton can pen. Billionaire Prince, Pregnant Mistress is an amazing “kick off” book with a promise of more to come by exceptional Presents authors!

Sandra also has an online read at EHarlequin, The Princess Mistress here

About the author:

As Sandra states in her introduction to The Royal House of Karedes “
There’s a different truth in Presents novels. It is that love endures. No matter the obstacles, the love between a Presents hero and the woman who tames him overcomes all odds. We share their conflicts, their passion, and in the end, we share their happiness and know their love will flourish forever”.
Book Description:

Aspiring jewelry designer Maria Santos, proud but poor, has come to Aristo to win a royal commission. Cold, calculating Prince Alexandros Karedes masterfully beds Maria, thinking she's only sleeping with him to save her business.

So when Alexandros discovers Maria is pregnant, he assumes it's on purpose. She'll never be a suitable wife—but she's perfect mistress material. What will it take for this billionaire prince to realize he's falling for his pregnant mistress?

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