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The Illegitimate King will probably be my all time favorite Oliva Gates love story because in this particular story, it’s not only the passion and banter between them it’s the obstacles both Clarissa and Ferruccio had to overcome. The Illegitimate King was brilliant and a fitting ending to The Castaldini Crown.

As the history of the crown is again revealed in the book, one is given the knowledge that there is an illegitimate member of the D’Agostino family who the King and Council believe should be the new King and that’s Ferruccio Selvaggio. Just his physical description makes the reader drool but it’s not just his looks, it’s his past and the demons and hurdles he’s had to overcome which make him the man he is today. However, one is made aware of his passion for business and now his passion to lead his country but there’s a catch, he wants the King’s daughter Clarissa.

Six years earlier the lovely and spirited Clarissa D’Agostino was attending a state function when she spies Ferruccio. They are drawn together immediately by their eye contact and he asks her out and she refuses. For the past six years he has extended invitations and she’s refused each and everyone but now she been summoned to his villa to discuss he’s becoming King. However, when he reveals he will only become King if he can have her, well let’s just say, there are fireworks!

Their pasts are so similar, Clarissa for the most part never felt she was loved for herself, suffered abuse from her mother and now this man wants her but not for who she is, at least that’s what she believes. It’s the same for Ferruccio, he was adopted and fled his foster home and grew up in the streets! In the end, for both of them to find actually that they both want love and family was wonderful to read.

The Illegitimate King is brilliantly crafted, the love scenes sensual and amazing plus the fire and passion between them just leaps off the pages. The build up to their union, the coronation and wedding and the blow one receives when there is a secret revealed at the end is mind blowing! This book is a perfect ending to the perfect series, The Castaldini Crown.

Book Description:

At the Future Kings Mercy……

Once, she'd scorned him. And illegitimate secret prince Ferruccio Selvaggio had sworn he would make her pay. Now, Princess Clarissa D'Agostino was in his power. It was time to teach her a lesson…. The future of the kingdom rested on her. Clarissa knew she had to do whatever it took to convince Ferruccio to accept the crown and save them all. Even if it meant marrying a man who believed the worst of her. Even if it meant giving him her heart.

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