Sunday, July 19, 2009


Janette Kenny has written a sensual, powerful and real winner with Pirate Tycoon, Forbidden Baby. It has everything Presents fans will want in a romance, revenge, attraction, lust and secrets, lots of them.

The reader learns that Andre Gauthier and Kira Montgomery have a short past as she was sent to negotiate a deal with Andre, and everything was turned upside down when they acted on their attraction one evening and then the press arrived and Andre felt betrayed.

Now Andre has the upper hand and is threatening to take away the only place Kira calls home, a five star hotel Chateau Mystique. There’s been enough scandal and she just wants what’s hers, what was promised to her by her deceased boss (secretly know father) Edouard Bellamy, the majority of his shares. One also learns that she’s never to reveal per parentage nor that Edouard paid for most everything in her life as her mother gave her up. For Kira, she’s led very lonely life and now she has an even bigger secret, she’s pregnant.

Andre is one handsome and successful millionaire and is out for revenge. A revenge that isn’t revealed until much later. His focus is on a take-over and getting revenge from not only Kira but also Edouard’s son he believes was in on the plans and she was his mistress.

Revenge, secrets, sadness and accusations every step of the way. Not to mention the powerful attraction they both feel for each other as well as the passion they share. Just when I thought they wold have a chance, they would take a step back. However, when he learns she’s expecting, then an accident, everything goes spiraling out of control.

For Kira, the men in her life had used her, Andre, her father, her stepbrother and her attorney. However, in her child she would always have Andre, the man she loved but her could never love her because of who her family was and what they had also caused his family. He had his revenge but she had no closure. You will love how Kira decides to get her closure and when Andre realizes how much he truly wants her the the baby in his life forever. As they say, love heals all!

Book Description:

The pirate tycoon: Brooding, dangerous hotel tycoon André Gauthier has whisked Kira across the Caribbean Sea to his stunning island hideaway. He doesn't just want to bed her with a ruthless passion…he wants revenge!

The kidnapped mistress: One hot touch has Kira desperate to slip back between André's sheets! But first she must tell him that she's having his baby….

André is convinced Kira betrayed him with his enemy. He has to uncover the secret she's hiding—if he's to claim his child!

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