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The Castaldini Crown has been an wonderful series to read and Olivia Gates and her The Prodigal Prince's Seduction was a sensual and exceptional read. It's an intriguing love story and a very romantic one as well.

Prince Durante was quite the handsome and successful prince and once he set his eyes on the beautiful redhead Gabrielle Williamson, really for them both, the sparks fly. It's a very emotional read, full of passion and in the end pain. Durante is the King's son and holds contempt for his father and has made a life for himself in the States. He's not ready to make peace with his father or return home.

Gabrielle Williamson is one beautiful and firey redhead and one gets the feeling she's not prepared to being so physically attracted to this handsome prince, a prince who even serenades her and takes her breath away. Does this woman have secrets? Yes, she has lots and she has made a promise to the King, Durante's father to bring him home. Secrets, lies and all of it blows up in the end and then there's rage and revenge from Durante.

This love story was so unusual, dark and angry towards the end and reading about Gabrielle's past marriage and Durante's childhood were extremely sad. However, when Durante accuses Gabrielle, and secrets the King's been holding back, well quite frankly I lost it! However, you will love the ending as he fights his way back into her life and wins her love and affection back in a most ingenious way.

Personally, I'm looking forward to the last book and who will take the crown and throne.

Book Description

As one of the world's most powerful men, Prince Durante D'Agostino often received inappropriate offers. Yet the woman attached to this one stole the breath from his body. He had no interest in discussing business—until he learned she'd come to bring the prodigal prince back to Castaldini to become its future king.

Seducing the messenger wasn't supposed to be part of the bargain. But after one fiery night, Durante knew Gabrielle was meant to rule by his side. Until he discovered her true identity—and the betrayal launched his scheme for a most royal revenge.

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