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An amazing cast of characters and an extremely powerful and potent love story as only Susan Mallery can write! This is the youngest sister's Izzy's story where in Lip Service we learn Izzy has been involved in an explosion which has caused her severe vision problems. On top of that, her new found step brother is thought to be the cause as he wants not only to take down her father but the three Titan sisters as well.

I can't say enough positive things about this series, The Lone Star Sisters. Once you begin to read them you'll certainly understand and each book keeps one wanting more which surely is a sign of how talented Susan Mallery is and what's made her loved by this particular reader and reviewer and put her on the New York Times Bestseller list.

Izzy of all the Titan sisters seems the most spirited so when she's kidnapped by the strong, sexy Nick and taken to his ranch, she feels "like she's been tossed out in the trash". How could her sisters do this to her? She can't see, has no home or inheritance like her sisters and now a stranger is taking her, trying to talk her into having surgery which could leave her blind and on top of everything else wants her to work on his ranch taking care of his horses.

The cast of characters from Nick, to his gay PA Aaron, his cook and Rita who is in charge of the stables, are quite the group. Then add to the mix her horrible father Jed Titan, her out for revenge brother Garth who has a friendship with Nick, her beautiful sisters, Lexi and Skye and friend Dana, its fabulous is all I can say.

Life has dealt Izzy lemons in the form of a father who only wants to use her, a dead mother whom when alive never gave her the time of day and now she could possibly live in darkness for the rest of her life even if she has the surgery. However, she turns everything into lemonade and on top of it all falls in love with Nick who has secrets and is tormented by his past.

It's more than a love story; it's a story about why love is important. As Mallery says "love is the only thing that makes us strong. It's all that matters in the end. Who we love and who loves us."

When Nick and Garth's past are revealed it makes one understand why it's hard for Nick to love but only casts more mystery on Garth and why he's out to hurt his sisters even though it's not hard to understand why he wants to take Jed Titan down. However, in the end one gets a glimpse of what the fourth book in the series, Hot on Her Heels is going to be about and I can't wait!

Book Description:

Izzy has always been the fearless Titan sister. But when an oil rig blows up, leaving her barely able to see, her sisters find themselves as concerned by her emotional withdrawal as by the possibility that the explosion was no accident. Are the mind games their long-lost brother Garth has been playing turning physical? Or is someone else out to get them?

When her sisters enroll her in a survivor training camp, Izzy is not happy. Nick, her instructor, is determined that she won't be left in the dark. In more ways than one. But if he tells her the terrible truth behind why he's helping her, he'll never see her again. Unless they're both willing to take the biggest risk of all.

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