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Author Annie West continues to amaze me with her spectacular contemporary romances. The Savakis Mistress is no exception as the passion between Damon Savakis and Callie Manolis sizzles and literally leaps off of the pages from the very beginning of the book and continues throughout the entire story. Once you begin, you’re hooked and won’t want to stop reading this very intense and splendid romantic tale.

My heart went out to the heroine Callie as the only love and joy she’s ever known was taken away from her at a young age when her parents died. She was forced to live with her horrible and manipulative uncle who for his own means, arranged for her to marry a much older man, every bit as cruel and devious as her uncle. Now she’s free of her marriage as her husband died. Her only hope for happiness is her inheritance. However now that’s gone as well thanks to her uncle. All of her dreams of starting her own business are down the drain. On top of everything else she’s trying to save her cousin from another yet arranged marriage her uncle is planning for his meek daughter to get him out of debt.

Callie had felt alone for so long. She had been spending time on the beach watching a very handsome man on his yacht for days so when he came ashore and spoke with her it became madness between them. For in a cove these two strangers made love not knowing each others names. Never in her life had she ever done something so impulsive nor felt the power and passion this stranger gave her. Then everything comes crashing down as she returns to her uncles villa only to meet the man her uncle wants her cousin to marry, the very man Damon Savakis with who only an hour ago she was in his arms.

When Damon shows up as a guest at the Manoli villa, it’s like reading a diaster. Damon wants revenge on the family for what they caused years ago when his family lost their father. Things only go from bad to worse when he sees that the woman he made love to only an hour ago is Callie. Then her evil uncle suggests Damon take his meek daughter for his wife. Callie jumps in to save her cousin and things get out of control when Damon suggests they share a night of passion in return for a generous settlement to her uncle. However, things don’t go well and she flees while her uncle witnesses her fleeing Damon’s room. He uses it to his advantage to blackmail Damon into marriage with Callie. However, Damon has other ideas; yes he takes her but only as his mistress.

What a mess for Callie, again a man is going to use her, one with a sharp tongue yet he makes her heart melt, makes her feel things. And for Damon, he can’t get enough of her or get her out of his system but he’ll get his revenge for them blackmailing him and hurting his family. He stripped away the walls she put up and her long buried emotions. He had the power to devastate her and she realized she had to lock her feelings away. Callie realized one other thing, that he would never love her and for her to survive she must leave, tries to find herself and start up the business she’s always dreamed of.

Damon wants her like no other woman he’s ever known. She acts like an inexperienced virgin and he doesn’t trust her. Will she go to no length at deception? But he can’t stop from wanting her. Then as they spend time together, he realizes he doesn’t want to let her go. He sees her talent and like his family he takes responsibility for her and tries to fix everything.

However, Callie feels betrayed and leaves because she needs to make her own way. Is there any hope for them? There is so much depth to this story I can’t even begin to explain it. It’s overwhelming and at times the conflict is painful to read. You can actually feel their passion, and their caring for each other especially when all of the secrets of their pasts are revealed to each other. Annie West with The Savakis Mistress gives her readers such insight into her characters they actually become a part of you. It’s an emotional roller coaster and a real tug-of-war from the anger, to revenge, to passion so intense. It’s a beautifully crafted romance with an emotional and teary ending.

Behind the story from Annie’s website:

“This story had a long gestation period. I had my hero and heroine in mind for ages before I got a chance to write their story. When I did, the words just rolled onto the page.” Annie West

Book Description:

From society queen...

Only hours ago she was a tempting stranger. Now Damon Savakis knows who she really is - Callie Manolis, society ice-queen and duplicitous niece of his arch enemy… his unwilling mistress!

Yet when Callie's avaricious uncle loses the Manolis money, she is at Damon's mercy and is forced to become the Savakis mistress

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Marilyn Shoemaker said...

On a personal note, I read Annie's first debut book years ago and knew immediately she would be a shining star. She dedicated this book to me and the lovely Lee Hyatt from Author Sound Relations. It's such an honor, Annie, one I will always treasure.


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