Friday, August 14, 2009

Bought: For His Convenience or Pleasure - Maggie Cox

Maggie Cox has written an entertaining and impressive love story which features revenge, mistrust and a not so forgiving Russian billionaire Nikolai Golitsyn. He’s determined to get to the bottom of how his brother died but first and foremost he wants the woman who disappeared five years earlier to admit she was at fault. If she wants to see her niece who he’s now adopted she will need to marry him on his terms.

Five years earlier Ellie Barnes was driving and in an accident which claimed her bother-in-laws life and she not only suffered injuries herself, she lost her memory of the accident. The only person who survived without harm was her baby niece, her dead sister’s child who she care for and adored. When she lived at the Golitsyn estate she also saw what a mess her brother-in-law had become doing alcohol and drugs to forget that his wife died. On top of everything else, she fights an attraction for his married brother Nikolai. After the accident her father takes her away to Scotland, she changes her name and studies for a new profession a psychologist and changes her name to Dr. Ellie Lyons. She’s now in London doing TV shows and he shows up and her hotel with ultimatums. First and foremost if she ever wants to see her beloved niece, she must agree to marry him until the little girl becomes of age, taking care of her and creating a family for the three of them.

Theirs is a romantic dance. Nikolai can’t forget a brief kiss five years ago or her softness and Ellie, let’s say she’s wary but can’t seem to forget either. She agrees to marry him in a marriage of convenience and their passion sizzles. This man not only has a ruthless streak and is very slow to forgiveness. However, seeing Ellie in action with his daughter, his staff and her co-workers and volunteers he comes to have a new respect for her; but can he ever trust her again? You’ll just have to read Bought: For His Convenience or Pleasure” and take their fantastic journey in finding happiness, forgiveness and peace.

Book Description:

Billionaire Nikolai Golitsyn was on the verge of seducing Ellie. But then tragedy struck, and she was blamed for the death of his brother. The last place he wanted her was in his bed. Confused and humiliated, Ellie fled.
Five years later, Nikolai's orphaned niece needs a mother, and he's tracked down Ellie—he wants her to assume the role. But this time around Nikolai intends to enjoy all the delights he denied himself before: he'll give Ellie no choice but to become his unwillingly wedded wife!

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