Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Greek Tycoon's Blackmailed Mistress

Lynne Graham has written an extremely and entertaining read with revenge being the main goal with Ari Xenakis hot on the heels of Ella Smithson. He’s a proud man who vows never to marry. However, seven years earlier this very same woman said no at their engagement party, embarrassing Ari in front of their entire families. Now he holds the cards, as their niece has been orphaned and he has custody.

Ella can’t believe what her sister has done, completely leaving her out of the will and not letting her raise Callie especially since she gave her eggs to her sister so she could have a child. Her sister upon giving birth ignored her plus her own family were furious that she didn’t marry the billionaire. They have all disowned her because she chose medicine over marriage. Now Ari has made demands that she become his mistress and takes on the day to day caring for Callie on his terms.

Ari is a very inflexible proud Greek and believes for the most part a woman should be at home taking care of her man. When Ella chose a career over marriage to him, he was furious. He’s the ultimate alpha male, set on getting what pleases him. However as they spend time together in and out of the bedroom, he sees she’s a different Ella and one with secrets of past abuse in her family. He doesn’t understand why he never knew this was going on in her home that that some of her reasons for not committing to him were based her stepfather’s treatment of Ella and her mother.

Their past and spending a large amount of time together especially in Greece, makes Ella realizes she’s in trouble and knows he has the power to break her heart again. Their passion leaps off the pages plus her time spent with Callie and their bonding very sweet to read. Will her heart survive and will there be a second chance for them? You’ll just have to read this amazing love story but have some tissues ready while they come to grips with the past and accept their love actually never died as penned by the very talented Lynne Graham.

Book Description:

Aristandros Xenakis is like a panther poised to pounce. Sleek, dark and utterly powerful, he'll soon taste the sweet victory of vengeance….

Ella desperately wants access to her baby niece, but the child's guardian is Aristandros—her ex-fiancĂ©! She has no choice but to submit to his demand—she must become his mistress!

Naive and unworldly, Ella is not like the groomed, gold-digging females who have previously warmed Aristandros's bed. Surely it's only a matter of time before he tires of her…?

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