Friday, August 14, 2009

The Italian's Inexperienced Mistress - Lynne Graham

Harlequin Ambassadors was kind enough to send me 5 copies of the book to give away and I kept one and I'm so very glad I did as it was spectacular.

He a self made billionaire with honor and Angelo Riccardi has found out two things from a man he's never recognized as his grandfather, because he's part of the Mafia. He's met with him and has learned that his mother left his father and moved to London where she proceeds to have an affair with a married man. A man who took her life savings and left her penniless. He's out for revenge again the Hamilton family so en embarks on a journey to England to bring the family down. However he can't find their estate and comes upon a lovely English girl with blue eyes and golden curls and is mesmerized by her and asks her out. Of course she says no.

Gwenna Hamilton has never seen a man more handsome in her life but turns down his offer for dinner. Days later she finds herself pleading for her father to keep him out of prison. He's been exposed as an embezzler and Angelo owns the company. When he realizes the woman before him is Gwenna, he gives her one choice only and that is to become his mistress.

Sparks fly is all I'm going to say and their passion is obsessive. However, Gwenna is ashamed of herself, feels used by him, paraded by him and cheap. As their relationship develops there are all sorts of obstacles and hurts. Painful lessons are learned and in the end the realization of love. It's a very well crafted contemporary romance and I highly recommend it!

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