Friday, August 14, 2009

Ruthless Billionaire, Forbidden Baby - Emma Darcy

The very talented Emma Darcy charms her readers again with Ruthless Billionaire, Forbidden Baby. I always love a bridesmaid story and this was no exception with several weddings of her friends taking place, friends who she actually called her family. The first wedding takes place with the first of the gang, Tammy getting married and Tamalyn finds out she’s going to be paired with Tammy’s brother the famous handsome billionaire. They immediately hit it off and he’s determined to peruse her at any cost with the exception of marriage as it’s not for him. Other weddings happen throughout the book and each and everyone entertaining to read and watching this couple fight their attraction at each event. Fletch fights it every step of the way and Tamalyn knows that she loves him and will only marry for love!

As you read about their dating and watch their feelings for each other become more than they counted on, you wonder how this couple even came to be as Tamalyn is a mid-wife and he’s a genius. Now we’ve all know someone who doesn’t meet with the norm someone who doesn’t fit into the social scene, called possibly a “geek” because of their superior intelligence, well that’s Fletcher, somewhat of a loner but handsome and known for dating super models and never having relationships. So it surprises not only his sister but Tamalyn when he asks her to go on a vacation to an exclusive island.

Passion? Theirs is explosive and she challenges him. However her friends are an important part of her life and Fletch is a loner. She wants love and family and he doesn’t, so how could there ever be a chance for them. To top everything, she finds out she’s expecting a baby and is determined to have it and he’s determined to be in control of the situation, buys a home for them and is relentless.

Learning of Fletcher’s years growing up, how he was treated by his family, school mates was very hard to read. And Tamalyn’s lonely childhood just as unfortunate. As one reads their story, it’s very obvious they challenge each other and belong together. It’s a beautifully written contemporary romance and one I’ll long remember.

Book Description:

When Tamalyn Haynes agrees to be a bridesmaid, she doesn't realize she will be dancing with the best man—notorious tycoon Fletcher Stanton!
Fletcher is relentless in pursuing his desires—and intent on bedding wide-eyed Tammy. But he has one condition: it's to be a temporary romance only. Marriage is not an option. However, their passionate nights together lead to Tammy dropping a bombshell. Unintentionally, Fletcher Stanton's mistress is pregnant with his forbidden baby….

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