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In April Trish Morey fans were introduced to Forced Wife, Royal Love- Child where readers met Rafe and Sienna, Rafe being the soon to be crowned king of the Island of Monvelatte. One was also introduced to Rafe’s sister Marietta, a vibrant beauty and at the time, I thought she’s got to have a story. Thanks to Trish Morey and her incredible talent The Ruthless Greek’s Virgin Princess is Marietta’s and her brother’s best friend Yannis love story.

Thirteen years later, Yannis returns to Monvelatte to be part of the wedding party of his best friend. However, he also has revenge on his mind even though years ago from afar he admired his friend’s younger sister who was off limits. After arguments with his father over an arranged marriage to financially help to restore his business, Yannis returns to his bedroom only to find Marietta the sweet virgin in his bed. In anger and frustration he sends her away not realizing someone saw her leaving his room and reported the fact to his parents, disgracing his family. Now years later, he returns with one thing on his mind, revenge for his father’s illness and years of hard work to restore the family fortune.

Marietta is hopeful she can get through the days of wedding preparations and seeing Yannis. She adores her brother and future sister-in-law but realizes when she sees him, the attraction and feelings are still there and how will she deal with all of these emotions. She tries to focus on her jewellery design launch in Hawaii and the marriage celebrations but just seeing him sets her on edge. After the wedding there are threats on the crown family and so Rafe asks Yannis to accompany Marietta to Hawaii to protect her

Rafe realizes at the wedding that he wants Marietta, all of her, her sass, her smile and physically he aches for her. When Rafe asks him to protect his sister now is his chance to make her pay for what happened thirteen years ago. Their romance is a beautiful dance and when their secrets are shared, when Yannis realizes the mistakes that were made and is astonished by Marietta’s talent, well hold your breath, it was incredible read as only Trish Morey can entertain her readers and fans.
Book Description:
Thirteen years ago Yannis Markides threw a young princess out of his bed. Even now Marietta's cheeks burn in shame as she remembers her youthful attempt at seduction.

Evicting the scantily clad Marietta was the brooding Greek's last act of chivalry. The ensuing scandal destroyed his life and broke his family. Now he's rebuilt his empire, recovered the Markides name…and he's ready to make the princess pay!
Marietta owes him a debt. Her virginity is her price…

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