Friday, August 21, 2009


Lucy Gordon has crafted a beautiful love story which both the hero and heroine giving each other a challenge......Salvatore Veretti was what he believes is rightfully his family's Venetian glass business and the very beautiful model who was married to his cousin has inherited it! He will go to no lengths to regain back the business and to have her in his bed.

It's a battle of will and in the end it costs them both. Plain and simply it's a lovely romance, and is set in one of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice. It took me back to places I've personally visited and found memories of celebrating my own wedding anniversary.
The very talented Lucy Gordon captures the vulnerability they both have and it will bring tears to your eyes while reading their personal journey.

Book Description:

Arrogant Italian nobleman Salvatore Veretti is furious to hear that a young, beautiful model has inherited the company that was rightfully his. Clearly she's after the family gold! Salvatore will heartlessly reclaim what he's owed--and he'll show this impudent female just how out of her depth she is.

But after meeting naively determined Helena, Salvatore changes tactics.... No longer satisfied with throwing her out of the business, he'll take his vengeance between the sheets!

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