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CONQUERING KING'S HEART - Maureen Child (Kings of California series)

He had become a professional surfer, he's traveled the world, he was voted California's Sexiest Bachelor and he owned a very successful business. However, he never wanted a corporate life like his cousins and his brothers. Now he owned King Beach and had done the one thing he didn't want, become a businessman.

One of his reasons for returning to Morgan Beach was a woman he couldn't forget three years earlier. A woman who haunted him because he would never forget their night of passion on the beach. Now living here and meeting Bella Cruz she intrigues him and something about her still feels familiar. She's stubborn; determined to stand her ground because she thought he was taking away the town's history by his renovations. What she doesn't realize later is that he wants her swimsuit business to compliment his already successful line of men's wear but he wants her as well.

Three years earlier Bella had been star struck by Jesse. He was in Morgan Beach for a surfing competition and they met and later than evening after drinks had made love. However, the next day she remembered how humiliated she was when he barley acknowledged her and he walked away.

Bella loved Morgan Beach as it gave her a sense of security. She lost her parents at a young age and after finishing school came to Morgan Beach on a vacation, eventually making it her home. It was a small town with people who cared about each other.

They have two things in common, a night of mind blowing intimacy and they both sell swim wear. When Jesse is having a photo shoot of his line Bella makes a point, she dares him to put his female models in her suits. Again, Jesse feels something about Bella is familiar; could she be his mystery woman? Only one way to find out........he kisses her and it's confirmed. After their kiss, he realizes Bella was his mystery woman. He won't take no for an answer. He's a King and he's up for the challenge. They have a date and he issues a bet, one she looses. Can she survive another night of passion?

For the King family, winning was everything and Jesse felt the same. Second best wasn't an option. That was one thing they disagreed on. Bella was her business because she cared about her clients, her weavers and seamstresses. Her designs were for women who she wanted help feel good about themselves.

Could there be a lesson for Jesse to learn? He was a King, it was in his blood to succeed but what if he didn't get everything he wanted? The King's were rich but Bella wondered if Jesse really realized he was rich because of the family he had, one she longed for since she'd lost her own at such a young age. He was the "never" kind of man and she definitely was not the "temporary" kind of woman. However, she "snuck under his radar", she meant something to him and she was giving him a chance at her business. Until everything came apart.

What struck me was that Jesse had wealth well beyond measure; he had a great family...... brothers, sisters-in-laws and their children. Something so precious and more valuable that being a successful businessman. However, Bella completed everything important in his life and taught him lessons he was not prepared for, like truth, trust, honesty and most important love. When she realized everything was a scheme to get her business and to seduce her she ended their relationship. Everything in his life was easy; he had people in place to make sure his operations and charities ran smoothly. His biggest challenge in life would be to prove to her he loved her and receive her forgiveness. That journey was amazing to read.

Maureen Child dazzled me with Conquering King's Heart and I look forward to reading about the other two King's.

Book Description:

For three years she'd haunted his dreams. And the memory of that heated anonymous night sent tycoon Jesse King back to Morgan Beach, California, determined to find her. He would have his mystery woman once more—a King never lost.

Bella Cruz was far from happy to see Jesse again. The millionaire had swept her off her feet, then left, and now he didn't even recognize her! And since he was her new landlord, she couldn't avoid him. Heaven help her if he discovered her identity, for she'd never be able to deny the power of King's seduction….

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