Monday, September 21, 2009

The Magnate's Baby Promise - Paula Roe

Author Paula Roe literally charmed me with The Magnate's Baby Promise. A one night stand, "black sheep of the family", a business in trouble and a secret pregnancy, how much more exciting can a romance begin? Well, let me tell you there is so much more.

Ava Reilly is a woman in trouble......she's pregnant and her Outback retreat center is going under due to financial difficulties. Ava's from a very small town where everyone knows each other's business and she's always been the focal point for the town residents to discuss her business. She's a natural born beauty, with determination and spunk and is determined not to fail again in her life's endeavors. Your heart will go out to Ava and you'll understand why when she got a chance to escape some of her financial situations and spent sometime with a friend in the big city and live it up a little, she took the chance. Especially when she met a handsome man who knocked her socks off! Meeting the dynamite Cal, spending one night of passion in his arms....the next morning rather than facing Cal, she flees.

Cal Prescott is a very fortunate young man as he's one of two potential heirs to Prescott Enterprises. He's step father however has dangled something over his biological son and stepson, get married and produce an heir and the business shall go to the winner. Cal has worked extremely hard and developed computer software which is recognized as number one. However, his step brother has no interest in the business. He's angry with his step father and angry with himself as he can't get the woman he spent one night with months ago, out of his mind. Cal hires an investigator to find his mystery woman and to his surprise finds out she lives in the Outback and that's she's pregnant. Is she pregnant with his child? Will he now get the very one thing he wants and deserves, Prescott Enterprises?

It's one roller coaster ride of a romance is all I can say for they both have secrets, there are demands, negotiations and coming to terms with the past, especially for Ava. At times it was extremely sad to read. Not so much for Cal as one realizes that he's been blessed with a loving mother, accepted by his stepfather and has actually lead a very privileged life. However, for Ava, quite the opposite. She was always considered second best and suffered a family tragedy. Yet Ava sees the beauty in the land and due to her past is one determined young woman to keep her baby and home. And as for Cal, he learns that living the privileged life and getting what he wants might not bring happiness.

This was my first Paula Roe romance and certainly will not be my last. This romantic tale set in Sydney and the Outback was about finding love, acceptance and peace and such a powerful and entertaining read.

Behind the Book from Paula's Website.

Book Description:

For billionaire businessman Cal Prescott, there was no question. He'd marry and produce the requisite heir. And he wouldn't have to look far for the right bride—his one-night affair with Ava Reilly had left Cal's senses riled and Ava pregnant with his baby.

Sheer desperation had Ava agreeing to marry without love. She wanted her land as much as Cal wanted his corporation…and they both wanted their unborn child. Surely that would be enough to build a marriage on. That, and the burning passion that longed to be reawakened….


~ Paula Roe ~ said...

Hi Marilyn! How lovely to wake up to your fabbo review :D Mucho thanks for all your wonderful work for our fabulous genre.

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Paula,I loved the book, plain and simply. Can't wait for your next one!


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