Saturday, September 05, 2009


Since I loved both of these books and they are connected, I thought it would be fun to offer both books.

Usually I direct readers to the author's website to get an answer to a question. However, this time, since this Irish author loves to hear from her readers and fans, I thought I would have you stop by either I(Heart) Presents where she recently posted or on her Facebook page and post a comment. That way I can track who actually posted.

If you've read any of Abby's books, just let her know and what you liked about them. If not just stop by and saw hello on either site. Then come back and tell me where you postecd a comment and leave your email as well.

To be eligible, leave your contact email and tell me where you visited Abby and that's it. Gooid luck!

The French Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress is part of the International Billionaire series which first was published under4 the UK publisher Mills and Boon along with the international rugby team. Each botk has some sort of rugby scene and the particilar millionaire is French. This is Pascal and Alana's story and very beautiful.

Mistress to the Merciless Millionaire is AlanA's brother and Kate her best friend story, Tiarnan who is of Irish and Spanish descent and Kate who is a model. A very emotional and lovely love story as well.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

No need to enter me, my friend. I'm dropping in to say thanks for the e-mail. I've got this posted over at Win a Book for you.

chey said...

I visited Abby at I(Heart) Presents

chey127 at hotmail dot com

Dena said...

Hi Marilyn, I left a comment at I heart Presents. I've heard of Abby but have never read any of her books.

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Chey, congrats, your the winner!


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