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Constantine’s Defiant Mistress was one emotional and very dynamic read because this handsome Greek and billionaire playboy didn’t realize he had a seven year old son.

Over seven years have passed since Laura has seen her lover of one night who sailed in and out of her hometown port and now she learns he’s going to be in England and possibly getting married. Years have passed since the many times she tried to reach him to advise him that he had a son. Especially now it’s important as Alex needs to know his father, and Laura’s sister needs to leave the family business and go out on her own.

Laura has a plan and it’s to waitress at the London hotel Constantine is having his lavish party. He doesn’t even recognize her and when she finally tells him who she is and that they share of son, of course he’s in shock. Discussions take place and the end result is they agree that Alex and Laura will come to Greece for a stay in his home and she will work on his staff without anyone, especially his father know their identity. Of course Constantine wants a DNA test but it’s obvious that his young son looks very Greek and their first meeting for him is very emotional because he wants the boy to like him. Reading about their time getting to know each other was sweet and very emotional. On top of that, his desire for Laura surfaces and as he has been her only lover and she’s still attracted to him, eventually they act on that attraction in the secret confines of her bedroom.

Constantine was a man who took care of everyone, a man who never confided so when he told Laura about his mother and that he had no relationship with her and how lonely his childhood was, in the end he was upset with himself for confiding his past to her. In fact, he even lashed out and told her to remember her place in Greece, that she was only Alex’s mother and part of the staff.

Towards the end of their visit, Constantine hosts a party to properly introduce Alex as his son and Laura as his sons mother. However, he dresses her up in silk and diamonds which make her feel cheap because it’s not who Laura is which upsets her. On top of that, he asks her to marry him and it’s obvious only to legitimise Alex as his son, not because he loves her.

What I adored most about Constantine’s Defiant Mistress is when Constantine realizes how much Laura means to him. She makes him laugh, she challenges him, tells him the truth and he truly loves and adores her. It’s a beautiful love story and gives each of them a second chance at happiness and unites them as a family.

Book Description:

Constantine Karantinos is Greek through and through! When he learns he has an heir he'll do anything to claim him. Even if he finds it hard to remember bedding Laura—she was nothing more than a mousy little waitress! Maybe if he were to have her again, it would refresh his memory….

Now that Constantine has summoned Laura to Greece, she's more stubborn than he recalls. Determined to pay her way as housekeeper, by day she insists on cooking and cleaning. However, by night Constantine demands she fulfill her bedroom duties….

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