Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Italian Boss, Proud Miss Prim

Katie Bannister is a very sweet and supremely inexperienced young woman. She has a junior position in an attorney’s office and it is her task to contact the stepbrother of her deceased client and personally deliver the contents of his will. However, Katie is nervous as the man in question was a very famous Italian playboy Rigo Riggerio. She is what you would call a “plain Jane” but Rigo is intrigued by her sexy voice and volunteers to meet her at the airport.

Katie has never been to Italy and is somewhat apprehensive about going as her wardrobe is plain and dull. During her college years she was training to be an opera singer but that all changed when there was a fire which smoke caused damage to her voice and the fire left her back badly scarred. She’s a very proper and prim young woman so when Rigo meets her, he’s quite surprised by her appearance and primness. But there is something about Katie that touches him and as chance would have it, she is required to stay overnight because they couldn’t get down to the business of the will.

Katie is very aware of Rigo as a man, even the slightest touch or brush of his hand. And Rigo realizes something very touching about Katie, that’s even though she’s “prim” she’s very smart, organized and would make a great personal assistant because like all alpha’s he goes through PA’s who either want him for his good looks or his money plus he’s demanding. He invites her to dinner and she refuses but later she runs into Rigo and a lovely model type who later she finds out is his sister. Katie and Antonia get on well and she introduces Katie to shopping. Katie isn’t used to beautiful clothes but does end up with a few things she normally would not purchase.

When they finally get a chance, Katie reveals to Rigo that he has inherited from his stepbrother the “family villa”, his childhood home which he left when his father remarried. His stepbrother was not a nice man and Rigo felt he stole his childhood and father from him. Rigo realizes quite a few things about Katie that under all her dreary clothes there’s a brilliant, sweet and lovely young woman. He also realizes she would be an asset to his organization so he also offers her a position and asks her to accompany him to Tuscany.

Italian Boss, Proud Miss Prim was a wonderful love story because they both had secrets…..Katie her scars and Rigo his charity. And in the end Katie was no “Miss Prim” she blossomed under the tutorage of Rigo which was lovely to read. It was truly a Prince Charming love story.

Book Description:

Katie Bannister is prim, perky and petite. Worlds apart from her boss, the dangerous, daring and devilishly handsome Rigo Ruggiero.

When she steps into his jet-set world, Katie's sensible brown shoes suddenly seem very out of place. And as Rigo's assistant there's no desk to hide behind….

When she accompanies the magnificent Italian to his newly inherited Tuscan palazzo, Katie witnesses the wolf entering his lair. Finally Rigo has come home—and he's ready to undo Miss Prim's buttons!

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