Wednesday, October 28, 2009

NOTORIOUS - Vicki Lewis Thompson

Again, Vicki Lewis Thompson has penned a hot, sassy and fun love story with NOTORIOUS. This book reminded me of the saying "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas". And that's what most of the book is about.

After ten years the fates decide that Keely and Noah will again meet. Noah is in Vegas to be in his friend's wedding and Keely is on assignment to write an article for her magazine Allure.

Noah walks by a strip club and immediately his old "crush" Keely comes to mind, the hometown's Bad Girl. As fate would have it, they bump into each other and Noah gets the impression she is going into the strip club to apply for a job. Since her father and soon to be sister-in-law work for him and the sparks are still there, Noah feels that he must protect her and invites her to stay with him for the weekend in hopes that he can counsel her. Well, Keely has other ideas. Why? Noah rejected her 10 years ago and so did her family and hometown when her photo was featured as a centerfold in a magazine.

Well, hold on to your hats, because if you want sex, steam, sass and tears, then read this wonderful and incredible love story. You will laugh, sigh and cry at the same time.

This book also reminded me of another five star VLT book; LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX, another "Bad Girl" and fun book.

Book Description:

Years ago, wild child Keely Branscom shocked her hometown by posing nude. But she'd been under rancher Noah Garlfield's skin long before then—ever since that painful night Keely kissed him…and he pushed her away.

When Keely runs into Noah in Vegas, she figures the time for revenge is at hand! She has the perfect plan to inflict a heap of sexually charged retribution on Noah…and this time it's his turn to be rejected. But as Keely's seduction starts yielding some steamy results, she realizes that this time, the notorious wild child is in serious trouble!

More about the book:

Dear Reader,

Eight years ago Harlequin senior editor Brenda Chin invited me to write the first Harlequin Blaze novel, and that honor ranks as a major highlight of my career. Harlequin Blaze was a new millennium concept then, and the line continues to set the standard for sensuality and great storytelling. With innovation like that, no wonder Harlequin Books is now celebrating its sixtieth anniversary of publishing the romances women want to read! I'm thrilled to be a part of that legacy.

When Harlequin Blaze debuted, it brought a sense of adventure and freedom to both authors and readers. I was inspired to write Notorious, a no-holds-barred story of a woman who allows a man to believe the worst about her, and then tortures him with glimpses of how naughty she can be! Creative freedom is a heady experience, both for me and for my characters.

Apparently that heady experience still calls to me, because I'm starting a whole new series within Harlequin Blaze that debuts in the summer of 2010. I couldn't return to Blaze without returning to the cowboy heroes I love, men like Noah, the hero in Notorious. Poor Noah—he's determined to save Keely from a decadent life. He has no idea what he's let himself in for with a feisty woman like Keely!

I'm sure Noah and Keely are delighted to be part of Harlequin's sixtieth anniversary, as am I. Here's to sixty more wonderful years of reading!

Gratefully yours,

Vicki Lewis Thompson

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