Thursday, October 29, 2009


A romance, a very intense romance with so many twists and turns it will have your head spinning. Ruthless doesn't even begin to description Ruthless Awakening by Sara Craven.

Rhianna Carlow, Britain's star actress on a TV series has known nothing but sorrow and pain in her life as a young girl. When her mother passed away, she was sent to a spinster Aunt Kezia, a cruel and heartless woman who took her in but at every chance reminded her what a slut and home wrecker her mother was and gave her nothing but verbal abuse every chance she could, along with the woman she worked for Moria Seymour. The only joy in her life was Moria's daughter Carrie and her best friend who is about to marry her childhood friend Simon. But Rhianna knows that Simon can hurt Carrie so even though she doesn't want to attend the wedding, she returns home to attend the wedding at Penvarnon House, the house really owned by Carrie's cousin Diaz Penvarnon. The dark, handsome, rich Diaz who from the first time she saw him, unsettles her.

Diaz Penvarnon was the Spanish alpha at his best. He's moody, dark and mysterious and he's very attracted to Rhianna but harbours guilt and feelings because he believes his father and Rhianna's mother were lovers until her death. Each time he returns to the family manor, he is reminded of those feelings and fights them at every step. It isn't until he kidnaps her and takes her to his yacht to keep her from spoiling his cousins's wedding that's when things get out of control.

Ruthless Awakening is a beautiful love story, with so many secrets, emotions, transgressions with a superb ending that was absolutely such a surprise it only made the story more enchanting.

Book Description:

The grandeur of Penvarnon House in Cornwall is where Rhianna Carlow spent her lonely childhood as the housekeeper's unwanted niece. Now she's a guest returning for a wedding at Penvarnon—and billionaire Diaz Penvarnon is back, too, seemingly as arrogant and ruthless as ever!

Diaz has one aim—to keep gold digger Rhianna away from the house. He's also the descendant of a Spanish pirate! So he kidnaps Rhianna and she finds herself captive on his luxurious yacht…where her inexperience is no match for his merciless desire!

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