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To say Spanish Aristocrat, Forced Bride was magnificent doesn’t even begin to describe this emotionally charged M&B Modern. In keeping with the line, Tristan Romero is quite the daunting alpha, used to getting what he wants in business and in the bedroom but with all of that comes secrets and a past that haunts him. He was such a charismatic character, one that immediately drew me in from page one and honestly, I couldn’t put the book down. It was that emotion, a powerful story and the need to see Tristan and Lily find their happy ending that kept me reading all night.

So one might ask why I am so passionate about this book? Devotion and friendship are always a “hook”. The reader is introduced to Tristan and his best friend Tom who have a marvellous past together and who have remained devoted friends. Devotion and friendship are always a “hook”. Tom is engaged to a beautiful model Scarlet and she has a best friend who is also a model and that’s Lily. They meet at Tom and Scarlet’s charity costume ball on Tom’s estate and it’s like they are both caught up in the eye of the storm. It’s the way they meet and the no strings one-night of passion they will both never forget.

Tristan is used to getting the girl and Lily is used to having men look at her. The circumstances which bring them together at the party are unusual, their one night in Tristan’s lone room in a tower, their passion, it’s explosive. However, their one night is short lived as Lily leaves for Africa and Tristan goes back to the family business and his secret life. One would think top model and billionaire businessman getting on with their lives, yes that’s true but there is so much more to this story and to this couple as the reader will learn. However, to reveal more would ruin ones reading experience.

As fate would have it, they both return to the scene of their one night together to celebrate Tom and Scarlet’s engagement. Lily has a secret, one that will change both of their lives….she’s pregnant. How will this alpha deal with it? Not very well let me tell you. He of course gives her an option and when she refuses, then its marriage because no child of his will be born out of wedlock. Even though Lily had not had a great childhood, she did believe in love, marriage and happy endings. Lily is such a kind and caring woman and there are so many disappointments for her. Her wedding day which should have been wonderful was disappointing and then diaster struck in the form of meeting his parents. Add to it when the bomb drops and Tristan tells her their marriage can be in name only and they must continue the charade until their baby is born.

Lily realized something important....she not only wanted him on a physical basis, she wanted his heart and also realized it would be impossible. Can anymore tragedy strike? Yes, it does which makes both of their lives even more complicated because of loss, anguish and guilt. And then when one believes there can be no more pain for this couple, Lily asks something of Tristan which only leads to more pain for him because his childhood and family secrets are revealed.

One point was made very clear, in spite of everything Lily’s love for Tristan never faltered. I personally felt they both loved each other at the very beginning and they had so much in common, their childhoods, their choices to do good in the world, and their mutual passion. Just when one believes there is no hope for this couple, Tristan is unexpectantly called away and his other “secret” is revealed which will melt your heart because it reveals the “real” Tristan.

Spanish Aristocrat, Forced Bride was a very heart warming love story to read especially when Tristan sees the light and realizes he can have it all…. Lily and a family. It’s a journey with author India Grey one won’t want to miss due to it’s sexually charged passion, fire and emotion.

On a personal note: This book took forever to arrive to its home here in North America. First it was sent to the wrong author, then to me with an empty envelope. Hope the postman enjoyed it! And finally it arrived and was well worth the wait!

Book Description:

Accidentally pregnant, conveniently wed

Infamous playboy Tristan Romero meets ordinary Lily at a lavish ball, and arrogantly predicts that she will wake up the following morning between his designer silk sheets! Powerless to resist this wicked billionaire, Lily knows Tristan is only offering one night. But then she discovers she’s pregnant…

Tristan’s aristocratic duty demands he take Lily as his bride. However, Lily’s shame over accepting a loveless proposal is heightened when she realises that, as the Spaniard’s wife, she’ll be expected to fulfil his every need…

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