Thursday, October 01, 2009


Nicola Marsh again charms her readers with Two Weeks in the Magnates Bed. Zac and Lana’s love story takes place on the high seas in the beautiful South Pacific. I could certainly relate to the experience onboard a cruise ship as I worked for a major cruise line for over 15 years. The author gets it right and weaves such a romantic tale one feels there are experiencing being pampered, wined and dined plus seeing exotic sights.

Lana Walker is all work and no play and it didn’t pay off. She’s been passed over due to her shyness by the museum she works for and wasn’t asked to go on a business trip. However, she won a cruise and decided to make the best of it and was determined to have fun. So can you imagine when an extremely handsome cruise employee rescues her from falling, she’s well let’s say she’s overwhelmed.

Zac McCoy has a huge job to do as his uncle is counting on him to find out who’s causing accidents on their fleet of cruise ships. Jac’s job is to pose as an onboard employee not the shipping magnate he is. He is determined to assist his uncle in solving the mystery. He loves and his uncle knows he has a limited time with him as his uncle he has a terminal illness and is going to put Zac in charge of the cruise line. When he spots Lana and keeps her from falling he’s definitely interested. He is constantly teasing and tempting her and he was a fun, romantic and very much the gentleman to read.

Zac is not your typical Presents alpha who demands and takes; he literally charms and courts Lana. He sees Lana for who she is, not some made up beauty and he sees the real her, a woman with needs and who wants to break free of “her conservative mould”. However, he’s not honest with her about his position or wealth. In the end, when it back fires it breaks Lana’s heart because she’s fallen in love with this handsome and charming man.

Lana has been hurt in the past by another man. What she wanted most from Zac was honestly something he couldn’t give her. So when she finds out he’s not an employee but soon to be the head of the cruise line, she’s devastated. Yes he’d changed her but can she ever trust him again? Want a happy ending, well then you’re sure to get one with this fun and fantastic read as only Nicola Marsh can pen.

Book Description:

Shipping tycoon Zac McCoy can sense there is a passionate woman behind Lana Walker's shy exterior. While aboard his luxury yacht, he'll tempt her out to play!

Lana always looks before she leaps. But the captivating captain has her throwing caution to the wind. The gloves come off, the silk dresses slip on—and the real Lana begins to emerge.

He'll have her as his temporary mistress. But as land approaches, he realizes two weeks may not be enough….

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