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THE CHRISTMAS LOVE-CHILD – Jennie Lucas (Snow, Satin and Seduction Collection)

The Christmas Love-Child is the most perfect and romantic love story for the Holidays. Of course, it’s brilliantly crafted by author Jennie Lucas and this time her hero is the most sensual, ruthless and handsome Russian alpha with the most incredible name, Prince Maksim Rostov.

Maksim is known for being ruthless and will stop at nothing to seal a deal. What he now wants he can’t have because his mistress has gone to his competition, is engaged to the CEO and has guaranteed him the oil deal with her father. However, like all successful businessmen, Maksim knows that Alan Barrington has a secretary who worships him, one that he believes if he can get her to tell him Alan’s secrets, then he’ll get the deal back.

Grace Cannon is secretly in love with her boss, and he uses her in the most inappropriate way, over works her, uses his charm on her, she’s underpaid, plus she lives in the basement of his home and she pays him rent. On top of everything else, she an innocent and is devoted to her family. So much so, she’s trying to earn money to save their home back in California.

Its Christmas time and Alan sends Grace on an errand to purchase lingerie for his fiancé, the lovely and beautiful redhead Francesca who is Maksim’s past mistress. Maksim stages a meeting and absolutely sweeps her off her feet. However, it’s not one sided as Maksim sees not the plain woman before him, he actually sees her inner and physical beauty. He actually likes her, he shares with her things he’s never told anyone and I personally thought he just might have fallen in love with her. I know that Grace fell hard for this handsome prince.

Of course, as all powerful and handsome ruthless billionaires, he seduces her and then the worst thing happens, Grace believes he’s betrayed her when her boss fires her, leaves her without anything and so on Christmas Eve she returns home heartbroken to her family in California. She’s devastated and knows that they will now loose their home. On top of everything she finds out she’s expecting Maksim’s baby.

Christmas becomes an unhappy time for the couple, he demanding she marry him and return to Russia with him, plus the accusations they both hurl at each other were painful to read. And just when one doesn’t think it can become worse, he leaves her at his mansion, ignores her, they speak horribly to each other and just can’t seem to get past it all. Where has this man gone, the man she loved, the man she swore they could see into each others souls?

The Christmas Love-Child has it all, emotions, misunderstandings, miscommunication, mistrust and such passion, it consumes them both. What disappeared from their relationship was trust However, so many lessons this couple would learn especially Maksim as he would remember he’s always taken care of his own and he’d let Grace down by not being there for her, not protecting her and leaving his bride on her own. And for sweet Grace her journey is a little more painful but in the end so worth it all. Like all Christmas miracles this Prince and Princess come to understand each other and bask in the warmth of their love thanks to the very talented author Jennie Lucas.

Book Description:

It's Christmastime in London, and unwittingly Grace is swirled into the sumptuous and scandalous world of Prince Maksim Rostov. When the unworldly secretary learns he took her innocence in exchange for a business deal, she flees broken-hearted.

But when Maksim discovers Grace's pregnancy secret, the ruthless Russian drags her to his guarded mansion in snowy Moscow. There he'll keep her as his captive bride and unwilling princess….

Personal note to the Author: I’m so pleased you went ahead with your Russian alpha as I fell in love with him!

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