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THE MAVERICK'S VIRGIN MISTRESS - Jennifer Lewis (Texas Cattleman's Club)

The Maverick’s Virgin Mistress by author Jennifer Lewis is an impressive and spectacular addition to the Texas Cattleman’s series with sizzling passion and intrigue.

As the author states in her introduction, Alicia Montoya is a 26-year old virgin who has been raised in a convent and sheltered by her older brother Alex Montoya. She’s met a member of the famous Texas Cattleman’s Club, a very handsome and charming man by the name of Rick Jones who is hiding his true identity. A fire breaks out at El Diablo, her brother’s ranch and it presents the perfect opportunity for Alicia to explore her relationship with Rick, so she lies to her brother and seeks the protection of Rick at his hotel room for a few days. Yes her innocence is sweet but her attempt to change that status and how the author portrayed their joined passion was beautiful to read.

Rick Jones is actually Justin Dupree, a man known as a very rich shipping magnate, one that dates high profile women and goes by the alias because of the press. Women when they become aware of him usually will go to any lengths to become his next girlfriend due to his wealth. Alicia is a breath of fresh air and he wants to get to know her not as Justin but as Rick Jones. He decides to take it slow but Alicia has other ideas, she wants a relationship full of passion and I promise you Justin delivers and their romance begins immediately at his hotel and sizzles right off of the pages. It’s sweet, tender, romantic and full of passion. However, what was so special about this man as he took the time to get to know Alicia and was surprised by her passion for the town’s historical society to preserve Somerset and her occupation as the museum’s curator.

When I originally read the series years ago, there was always intrigue and this book is no exception. The fire set at Alicia’s ranch is under investigation for arson and Justin’s friends who have also suffered an arson fire think Alicia’s brother Alex is involved. However, there’s more, Alicia has talked about her brother to Justin and when she finds out through a friend he’s lied about who is actually is, then the fireworks begin.

Alicia is devested by the lies Justin has told her even though he was going to tell her who he was upon his return from a business trip. This man, who has not trusted, realizes what they’ve shared together is important plus her sweetness and caring personality makes him realize she’s the “real deal” and that he adores her. One is left to wonder if they can find happiness, forgiveness and will Alicia’s brother come to terms with her having a man in her life.
The Maverick’s Virgin Mistress was the “real deal”; it’s a love story that could happen anywhere in the world, a beautiful and emotional love story with a happy ending.

About the Series: The original series began in 1999 and ended in 2005 and then began again in 2009. Author Charlene Sands shares info about the series:

Texas Cattleman’s Club - The bible or given guidelines for this series gives good description of the amenities of this fictious cattleman’s club. TCC is a 26 room converted mansion that includes a golf course, riding stables, spa, and an air-conditioned pool house. Inside, you’d find meeting rooms, a game room, library, formal dining room and café. The cattleman’s club is exclusive to the wealthy millionaires in the Houston area.

Book Description:

Texas Cattleman's Club member Justin Dupree has met the perfect woman…too bad their relationship is built on a lie.

Her life in danger, Alicia Montoya turned to the one man she thought she could trust. Her new boyfriend—a tall, dark Texan—offered her refuge in his posh penthouse. And she eagerly accepted his proposal of protection…

…until she discovered her lover's true identity: Justin Dupree, notorious playboy and her beloved brother's enemy. She had given her virginity to a man who had betrayed her. How could she possibly accept anything this maverick said as truth?

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