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Sarah Morgan dazzles her readers with Powerful Greek, Unworldly Wife.

This love story sizzles off of the pages as one learns that Leandro Demetrios is not only a ruthless billionaire, he’s one that any and every woman desires. However, there are some problems…… number one he’s married but his wife Millie left him because she believed he had an affair with her sister. And she also believes that he’s the father of her sister’s child. And now that very same wife has come to claim her nephew because her sister died. Add to the list, Millie finds her husband in the arms of another woman, a well known beautiful actress.

As this story unfolds you learn they met at her parent’s farm where she lived and worked. Immediately Leandro and Millie fell into a passionate affair, married only a few months later and this proud Greek took his marriage and their relationship seriously. Due to his wealth and status as all billionaires, he was in the limelight, expected to go to various parties, events and as a couple they were always being photographed and his sweet wife Millie never felt she measured up and she had self confidence issues. She never believed herself beautiful enough and compared herself to other women in her husbands past and to his friends he socialized with. Millie never felt confident or good enough and she didn’t communicate those feelings to her husband.

This proud and sexy Greek has a plan and is determined that Millie will never again walk out on him and that they will honour their wedding vows. Personally, I immediately fell in love with him the more I read this up and down and very emotional love story. He’s not as daunting as one might believe because you learn that he has taken in his baby nephew not because of an affair with Millie’s sister but out of a sense of duty and to make sure little Costas has the very best life has to offer.

Was this painful at times to read? The answer yes due to Millie’s misconceptions concerning her husband and because of her insecurities. The beautiful part of the story was how determined Leandro was in making sure they communicated, how patient he was with her when he found out her secret and how determined he was to make her realize her potential as the woman he loved not the insecure girl from the farm who always felt compared to her sister. Powerful Greek, Unworldly Wife was a magnificent love story and gives the reader hope because it’s not about where you come from, it’s about accepting who you are, believing in yourself, letting go of the past and in the person you love.

Book Description:

Powerful and proud – he’s a traditional Greek husband!

Gorgeous Greek billionaire Leandro plucked plump Millie from her farm and swept her into his glamorous world! Wrapped in his arms, draped in diamonds, she thought nothing could touch them.

But the deepest, darkest betrayal did. Her sister claimed she was expecting Leandro’s baby. So Millie ran away, distraught. The designer dresses had clearly never hidden how unsuitable and unglamorous she truly was.

Now, though, Leandro’s powerful voice is demanding his wife come home… And, to her shame, she’s willing…


lidia said...


I didn't like this book. Everything you said about it was true and it had the potential to be fabulous.

What ruined it for me was the adultery. It was bad enough that he slept with other women while they were separated. However, he brought them to their home and even let them wear his wife's clothes.

Then, when Millie showed up he was ready to jump her bones even though just a short while ago he was planning to sleep with the actress.

I just couldn't reconile that Leandro with the one who was so sensitive to his wife's feelings.

Also, he knew he could prove his innocence. But his pride wouldn't let him. instead he went on with life living like a bachelor until Millie came back. Honestly, it let a bad feeling for me.

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Lidia, appreciate your honesty. I think it's the Presents line alpha thing plus the fact that he was proud and arrogant and hurt when she left him.

That's also the point, she left him without communicating her feelings and how was he to get in touch with her and like some people they lash out and do stupid things.

However, the adultery I think in his mind he tried to make up for it by taking in the child and trying to get his wife to open up. But your right, I would be devastated if something like that happened to me as I don't think I could get through it.

What I think is so amazing about authors who write for the Presents line who have written for years, is how do they keep each story so fresh?

lidia said...

I have been reading HPs since the 70's and they are my favorite line. That being said, there have been many changes over the years. In the "old" days adultery was pretty much accepted -- whenever the couple was separated. Then the 80's saw slightly kinder Hs. Then we were given the H's POV in many books -- a huge PLUS. Now at least we get to see how the H is thinking - whether we like it or not.

The past 3-5 years have seen more books with adultery in them. For quite some time this was not included unless the couple was separated for many years. I don't like that, but could understand it in those cases.

There are some authors who would never include adultery and they have written many, many HPs and are some of the more popular authors.

A new author wrote a book that I thought was fabulous -- except for the fact that they were separated less than three months and in that time not only did he sleep around, he brought them to her house. Worse thing was his mother lied to him and while he was carrying on, his wife was in a hospital. He never apologized for his actions and that is a big no-no to me. Since I liked this author's style of writing, her book was full of emotion I will be giving her another chance.

You are right, it is amazing how some authors are able to take the MOC, secret baby, etc... plots and make them fresh and write totally fabulous books. You would think that this would be an impossible task and yet somehow they manage to come up with new stories.

By the way, I think that you sent me my ornament from the cafe social exchange this year!

Enjoy your reading!

Anonymous said...

I read the book as well and here's what I personally think the author was trying to get across:

#1 When Leandro offered Millie her old clothes he throws in a hurtful comment about them being useful for overnight guests because he is hurt himself and reacting to the pain she has caused him by her lack of trust I think he was revealing that he kept all her clothes and has not moved on at all She is his weakness and he hates that. I wonder if Millie hadn’t been there would he have gone through making love to the actress? Honestly, I don’t think so, at least I hope not.

#2 Leandro believed the marriage to be dead. There was no question of reconciliation. He saw it as over and finished. When the baby appeared on the scene and they are thrown together again, he immediately snatched the chance to make things work. At least it would give him more time to see if they had a second chance.


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