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From the very first moment he saw her he wanted her and was determined to have her for as long as he wanted! This thrilling and powerful love story by Sabrina Philips leaves the reader breathless as it begins so intensely leaving nothing to the imagination because it’s very obvious that Leon desires Cally like no other woman in his life. He makes his desire for her immediately clear.

Cally Greenway needs the chance to work on the restoration of two priceless paintings which would also give her resume a boost for future work. She’s been promised the restoration job if a London gallery wins them in the auction. She’s on pins and needles the night of the auction and notices the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen. Unfortunately, the gallery does not win the auction and she’s left with not knowing what to do other than to return to her hotel. However, the handsome stranger invites her out for a drink, she accepts and they kiss; the passion is overwhelming and to her astonishment and dismay he sends her away in a taxi back to her hotel.

Now weeks later, Cally is summoned to Montez to interview with the buyer of the paintings, the Prince of Montez and of course it’s Leon Montez the very same man who sent her away. How can she accept this job from the very same man who humiliated her? She has no choice, so accepts because of the reputation she will gain for future restoration work.

Leon decides he’ll be patient and she’ll come to him on his terms! He watches her restoration during the first days which totally distracts her. He keeps taunting her and is constantly reminding Cally about how much they want each other. When she can’t stand it anymore and gives in to the desire, the passion explodes between them and they realize during their lovemaking she wasn’t protected.

As the story unfolds the reader learns about each character. Cally’s given up quite a lot in her life, her painting and another wealthy man she thought she loved who in the end used her. A man she thought she could trust only to be betrayed. As for Leon, he was used by women wanting him for his wealth and what he could give them, not for him. He definitely had trust issues.

Cally’s entire stay on Montez is emotional and overwhelming. Even though Leon desires her like no other woman, he can’t seem to trust her motives for coming, her motives for the restoration and feels it’s the fame and the press she wants. Even 1when his reason for the mistrust is revealed, it doesn’t help one to understand his abruptness and obsession towards Cally.

Their affair explodes off of the pages and you begin to wonder will it continue or how will it end? That’s not all that explodes especially when Leon’s ex-sister-in-law shows up with accusations, her love blows up in her face. It’s too much in the end, she leaves heartbroken for Paris and then finds out she’s carrying Leon’s baby. Surprisingly enough she’s happy and seems to adapt. It reminded me of the fairy tale about a girl that jumps into a rabbit hole and how does she come out of it unchanged? Well the answer is, she doesn’t.

As only Sabrina Philips can pen, The Prince of Montez, Pregnant Mistress is an intense and passionate romance with many lessons for this couple to learn such as acceptance, forgiveness, trust and love. It’s simply a brilliant contemporary romance which in the end has a happy ever after.

Book Description:

Pregnant – by royal decree!

It’s the night of a most glamorous art auction in London, and Cally Greenway is due to win the restoration commission of her dreams… Until the paintings sell to an unknown bidder and, devastated and dashed, uncharacteristically Cally finds solace in the arms of a handsome yet ruthless stranger…

The very same man who bought her precious paintings – the Prince of Mont├ęz! Leon summons Cally by royal decree – His Majesty wants a mistress: biddable, pleasurable…and pregnant?

Behind the Book:

“In terms of the story, I started knowing that I wanted to write a book in which the hero and heroine were new to one another from page one. My previous two stories were about couples with a shared past reuniting, and I wanted to try something different. When I was sunbathing on my honeymoon in Zanzibar I started contemplating how a girl might find herself going to live and work in the home of a wealthy alpha hero, and out of nowhere the heroine-as-art restorer idea was born. The auction opening scene – a delight to write, sprang to mind next, and then the story just took off!” Sabrina

For more on “behind the scenes” see Sabrina’s website

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