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Public Affair, Secretly Expecting is amazingly sensual and the affair between the handsome Irish actor Mac Brody and the English shopgirl, Juno absolutely sizzles off of the pages.

In Hot Shot Tycoon, Indecent Proposal the reader was introduced to Connor Brody and Daisy and their close friend Juno. Now in this book Juno is determined to help her two best friends by physically demanding Connor's brother Mac attend their upcoming wedding. This determined young woman meets his flight at Heathrow and demands he listens to her. However, Mac thinks a photographer is recognizes him and so he grabs Juno and kisses her. To both of their surprises the kiss knocks them both sideways. However, there are secrets in Mac and Connor's childhood which prevent Mac from agreeing to attend and wedding and Juno returns empty handed.

Mac is not the only one with secrets as six years earlier Juno had a horrible experience with a man and it's taken her this long to get over it. She's miffed that Mac wouldn't attend but the kiss reawakened something in her and she decides to make an effort with her life and her appearance. On the Brody's wedding day she absolutely sparkles and is beautiful but then there is a wedding crasher in the form of Mac Brody and he's there not for his brother because he can't forget the woman nor the kiss and he's determined to see Juno.

As only Heidi Rice can pen, the story, the attraction and the romance becomes intensely passionate and these two are drawn to each other and so as with most love stories they act on their attraction at Mac's hotel suite. Of course the press get wind of their one night stand and so Mac feels the only way to put a stop to it and have a little more time with Juno is to wisk her away to his home in the US at Laguna Beach.

I was actually breathless while reading this book, just reading how Juno opens up to Mac, how they both interact, how they both share their secrets, how close they become and then everything comes crashing down. Like the Laguna surf, it's a wave that knocks them down, makes them dust themselves off and in the end get that wonderful and special happy ending because of forgiveness and trust. It's a sensual ride you won't want to lose the opportunity of reading.

Book Description:

The shop assistant, the superstar...

Mac Brody's Hollywood life is far removed from his turbulent youth - and that's how he likes it. The legendary bad boy refuses to be judged by Juno Delamare for declining his brother's wedding invitation... ...and a scorching LA affair!

But he can't get feisty Juno out of his head! So he goes to the wedding - to strip away her defences and her sexy bridesmaid dress. When their steamy night hits the headlines, Mac sweeps Juno away for a two-week affair... Soon Juno realises she has more than memories to hold dear!

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