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I defy people who are critical of romance novels especially the contemporary romance to not adore, love, cry and yes, laugh while reading Taming His Tempestuous Virgin, Raffaele’s story. The initial first chapters I absolutely died laughing. Sandra Marton is an extremely talented author and she’s written such an exceptional and emotional love story with the first book in the Orsini Brothers series.

I knew this would be a wonderful love story because I’m such a fan of Sandra Marton but I was knocked side ways with the fun and sexy humour plus the element the author always delivers the love, emotion and the passion. I can absolutely say I would rate this as one of my top ten picks for 2009.

The book begins with Raffaele and his brother being summoned to their father’s home. Their father who is the don, head of a crime family. Rafe agrees to return to his father’s birthplace Sicily to make amends but when he finds out what he father has in mind, he immediately refuses to wed the daughter of a Sicilian mobster. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun their meeting was, how everything falls apart and in the end he does marry her and they return to his New York home.

From reading the series description you realize just how incredible these Italian men are, as they’ve put their talents into honest and lawful business and they are extremely close. Rafe’s character description describes him as tall, dark and handsome and a savvy millionaire with absolutely no plans to marry. He’s devoted to his family with the exception of his father and is determined to get this mess over. However, when everything backfires and they return back to New York, that’s when things get messy, crazy and very very heated!

Chiara Cordiano is a sheltered virgin mistreated by her father and determined to run away when he tells her she is to marry her father’s old rival. She meets Rafe in the most amusing way, then things become somewhat crazy and she finds herself married and in New York city when all she knows is her small town in Sicily and the convent where she went to school. This sheltered spitfire is a marvellous heroine. She appears to be dowdy in her appearance but it’s misleading especially when she gets angry, she has a tainted view of marriage based on what her mother’s told her about men. She’s determined to buy her way out of her marriage.

Chiara also believes her new husband is just like both of their fathers and is involved in organized crime. With just a simple touch from Rafe, she goes berserk and he realizes he has a lot on his hands. She’s perfect for Rafe as he sees through her attempt to hide her beauty. He realizes something else a few brief kisses, that he desires her.

Rafe takes time off from work, they sightsee, dine out, things we would take for granted but for this sheltered virgin, she’s overwhelmed. A few stolen kisses which drive him crazy yet he wonders if she’s playing a game and then bam, they make love! Just when you think their marriage can become real, a series of things happen and Chiara flees. The forced marriage, the heat, the passion, tempers, plus confused feelings all make for an incredible romance. A true example of finding that perfect someone when least expected!

Book Description:

Raffaele Orsini doesn't want a wife…

But when he meets his arranged bride Raffaele feels honor bound to marry her. She's not what he was expecting…but her dowdy clothes can't hide her lusciously feminine figure or her wildcat temperament!

Chiara Cordiano will not love her husband!

She's tried everything to avoid her fate, but in the blink of an eye Chiara is swept away from her quaint Sicilian town to New York! She wants to hate Rafe, but seduction is in his blood. With his dark, brooding looks and tempting masculinity, she'll be purring like a kitten!


The Patriarch of a powerful Sicilian dynasty Cesare Orsini has fallen ill and he wants atonement before he dies.

One by one he sends for his sons – has a mission for each to help him clear his conscience.

His sons are proud and determined but they will do their duty – the tasks they undertake will change their lives forever!

They are the Orsini brothers who are darkly handsome – proud and arrogant. The perfect Sicilian husbands!


Sandra Marton said...

Marilyn, I'm delighted to know you enjoyed Rafe's story! I'm having the best possible time, writing these books. There are four Orsini brothers and though all are self-made, powerful and gorgeous, Rafe, Dante, Falco and Nick are very different in terms of personality.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

With hugs,

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Loved it so much. Now I'm reading Dante's story and I love that the word "relationship" is not a part of his vocabulary.


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