Thursday, December 10, 2009


If you enjoy romances with alpha- heroes who'll sweep you off your feet and set your pulse pounding, you'll definitely want to read Carol Marinelli’s Bedded for Passion, Purchased for Pregnancy. This book is an excellent indication of Carol’s wonderful talent for writing captivating stories and vibrant characters.

Eric Hayes and Rocco D’Amilo have been friends for over fifty years and now its Eric’s 60th birthday and Rocco and his playboy son Zarios have arrived at the family’s home in Melbourne to celebrate. Zarios has been warned not to mess with Eric’s daughter Emma and he reminds his son he needs to settle down because when he retires, he wants his son to take over. However, the board of directors do not look kindly upon Zarios because of his playboy reputation even though he is for the most part solely responsible for the firms success.

Emma is nervous about seeing Zarios as she remembers years ago how attracted she was to him. But as fate would have it, they are immediately drawn to each other and then the next day when Emma goes for an ocean swim and almost drowns, Zarios saves her in more ways than one. He saves her life and then they make love. For them both it’s something they both realize was special and they agree to see each other soon. Fate steps in again in the form of an ex-girlfriend who claims to be pregnant and if that’s not enough Emma is again faced to deal with her brother’s gambling debts plus her parent’s parish in a fatal car accident the very next day after her father’s birthday.

Now months later Emma approaches Zarios to ask for a loan to pay off her brother’s debts. She uses the fact that she will pay him back when she receives her inheritance. In a way, Zarios blackmails Emma into faking an engagement to him until the board convenes so that he appears respectable and focused on the future. She agrees for the sake of her brother.

Their time together will have you holding your breath because it’s obvious they still desire each other and fight it every step of the way. Of course, throw into the mix that Zarios suspects it’s Emma who has a gambling problem as he’s not aware of her brother’s situation. They just keep hurting each other. Emma is aware she loves Zarios and then to add more stress to their marriage, she is told she’s pregnant with Zarios child.

Trust in the end is what’s important, trust and forgiveness especially for this man that was raised motherless, used by women for his wealth and status, and owning up to realizing that things are not always what they seem. Their realization they love each other, Zarios confessions, and Emma’s forgiveness, were spectacular to read. For those who love romances with vibrant characters and a plot full of surprises, Carol Marinelli’s Bedded for Passion, Purchased for Pregnancy is a story that's got to be read!

Book Description:
When Zarios D'Amilo meets Emma Hayes again, she is no longer the awkward teenager who tried to kiss him, but a beautiful, confident woman. Now he wants her!

To claim his inheritance, this untamed tycoon must curb his wild ways. He needs a convenient fiancée, and Emma needs a million dollars. So Zarios seizes his opportunity—he will have her! But passion soon leads to pregnancy, and suddenly, the stakes are higher….

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