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Bought: Damsel in Distress by debut author Lucy King is full of gripping emotions with an incredible blend of passion. It was hard for me to believe that this was her first book. Once I began reading Luke and Emily’s story I could not put it down nor get their story out of my head.

Lucy’s development of her heroine Emily was brilliant. Emily is not only beautiful, she’s a talented potter and when she’s not enjoying potting, she temps for a professional agency. She is also very close to her sister Anna who raised her upon their father’s death. They are more than sisters and share everything with each other. They are a family unit who have suffered loss but definitely know the meaning of love.

Anna feels Emily needs closure from her ex-fiancĂ© she was with for five years and who is soon to be married in France. However, there’s a French baggage strike, so Anna takes things into her own hands. She puts Emily’s picture and details on an internet online auction with the heading “a once in a lifetime chance to be a knight in shining amour”. Anna also made arrangements for the winner to personally fly Emily to France, booked a five star hotel and packed her bags before telling her what she’d done.

Then there’s the author’s alpha, Luke Harrison who is a futures trader, beyond handsome, rich, and determined to never fall in love again. One learns that three years earlier he lost his wife in a car accident. He dates but his main focus is on his business. However, when his friend Jack emails him details of an online auction which features the lovely Emily along with her picture, he’s intrigued. He not only bids against his friend, he wins. And now he’s not sure if he’s made a mistake; he can’t seem to take his eyes off of her. To further complicate matters, when they arrive in France, Emily asks him to attend the wedding; he agrees and thinks he’s lost his mind. And then the magic begins when Emily gives him a thank you kiss which becomes an x-rated scorching kiss in the five star hotel lobby.

Luke and Emily’s love story is a most believable romance which will literally take your breath away. From the very moment in the hotel lobby, to the wedding reception, and their time spent in the French hotel. It’s mind blowing. Then Emily returns home to London on her own not knowing why Luke left in the middle of the night. Weeks later they meet up again and it’s the beginning of the most glorious roller coaster ride of a romance you’ll ever experience.

This romance experiences every emotion…..sadness, disappointment, heart break, strong physical attraction and the inability to commit. At times it’s painful to read especially Luke’s story. The most meaningful moment in the book for me was Luke’s realization that Emily meant more to him and their relationship was not a game nor lust but something very special. Bought: Damsel in Distress had all of the components which make up an intriguing romance. It’s full of scorching sensuality and definitely one not to be missed, thanks to Lucy King.

From Lucy's Website:
I'm a newly signed Mills & Boon Modern Heat author. In September 2008 my entry A Bid for Love won the Harlequin Mills & Boon 'Feel the Heat' Competition. It's out in the US in Jan 2010 as Bought: Damsel in Distress.

Book Description:

Billionaire’s bid…

Luke Harrison is always in control. But ever since he bid for the chance to save a green-bikinied beauty he’s felt his self-possession slipping away…

Blind date…
Independent Emily does not want rescuing – until Luke, a smouldering knight in shining armour, swoops in on his private jet and starts to change her mind!

Secret baby?
Neither is prepared for the heat between them as Emily unbuttons her steely-eyed billionaire, or for when their no-strings fling leads to pleasure beyond their imagining…

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