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Dante Orsini like his other brothers is tall, dark, handsome, determined and rich. There is absolutely one word not allowed in his vocabulary and that’s “relationship”. He had everything a bachelor could possibly want, he was in the financial business with his brothers, he lived in a New York penthouse, had a red Ferrari and a private jet. And now his father the NYC crime boss has asked him to go to Brazil to purchase a ranch with a gleam in his eye and his parting remark ‘who knows, you might even find out something new.’

When Dante arrives at the broken down ranch he realizes two things that he wants to purchase it and return home immediately and secondly Brazil reminds of a woman he once dated Gabriella who was also from Brazil and honestly the only woman who had lately been creeping into his thoughts and he wanted to forget. They had dated several months and in the end, he had sent her away because he didn’t want any complications. Now he has an uneasy feeling when he walks into the ranch and finds out it’s actually being auctioned off. To his surprise, he’s sure he hears her voice and then the voice appears and they are both shocked because it is indeed “his” Gabriella. Call it fate? I don’t think so but they do and then everything spirals out of control and in the end Dante finds out he has an infant son, Daniel. The sale falls through so there is only one decent thing to due because Gabriella has no money and just looking at the baby who is the spitting image of Dante, he takes them back to his New York penthouse until they can sort out the mess.

Dante like his brother Rafe did in the first Orsini brothers book, takes time off from work, first to take care of Gabriella due to an illness and the baby. From then on their attraction is so strong, and in the end they can’t fight it. They live together, play and sleep together and it all comes rushing back to them both, all of the feelings, everything.

Gabriella Viera is not only a beautiful woman, she’s an honest one and has suffered many losses. First and foremost, Dante when he asked her to a restaurant, tried to give her diamond earrings and send her on her way. That very same evening when she was going to tell him she was expecting his baby. She had only once choice to go back home to Brazil because her father was dying and needed her care and then her brother became ill as well and also passed away. And now she’s back in New York with the same man who broke her heart unable to fight the attraction anymore and her heart aches when she sees him with his son yet she’s also aware this time if he sends her away she’ll never recover.

This was such a beautiful and romantic love story because you can just tell that even though Dante months earlier told her goodbye that he really never got over this incredible woman and now the passion is blazing between them and he’s getting to know their child, well it was just incredibly romantic and sweet. As far as Gabriella, it’s obvious she’s always loved him and sees also a new side of Dante one of being caring and tender with both of them. However, she’s also vulnerable but she’s also proud and determined to take care of her son and she’ll walk away if she has to.

Again, Sandra Marton charms her readers with Dante: Claiming His Secret Love-Child with this particular romantic tale using family, especially the brothers again, to help their brother Dante in need to see the light of something that was already in his heart, love. The first two books of this Orsini Brothers series have been a joy to read and I’m looking forward to reading Falco and Nick’s stories and see what the “don” has in store for them. Hopefully Sandra will also write about the Orsini sisters.

Behind the Book (Marton post on I(Heart) Presents:

Cesare asks a favor of his second son . This request seems simple. Will Dante fly to Brazil and help Cesare’s sick old friend by buying his ranch? Dante reluctantly agrees. It is, after all, a straightforward bit of business… so he thinks. But when Dante arrives in Brazil, he finds that his father’s friend has died and left the bankrupt ranch to his daughter, who turns out to be Dante’s former mistress, the one woman he’s never been able to forget. Gabriella Ramos-Viera wants no part of Dante. That’s fine. He wants no part of her, either, until long-simmering desire surfaces along with troubling news. Gaby has an infant son. Is the baby Dante’s? If so, what’s he going to do about it? Maybe the real question is, what will Gaby permit him to do? Nothing, she says… which means that arrogant Dante must take matters into his own hands.


Gabriella Ramos-Viera fell for Dante's raw masculinity and ended up pregnant and alone—with no choice but to return home in shame.

Tough corporate raider Dante Orsini has set his sights on a huge Brazilian ranch. However, he discovers it's to be inherited by Gabriella, the one woman he's never been able to forget…. But where's the New York career woman he once knew? And who's the dark-haired little boy who calls her Mommy?

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