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Robyn Grady has penned a truly beautiful love story with Devil In A Dark Blue Suit. Devlin and Eden are facinating characters and their passion simply sizzles. Exquisitely told and a definite page-turner, it is a must read!

Eden and Devlin’s story is one of those that once you pick up the book you will absolutely need to read it from cover to cover. I love romances about second chances and this certainly is one of those and as I started to get to know the characters I honestly couldn’t understand why they ended their relationship three years earlier because it’s very obvious that they cared deeply about each other.

Now three years after their break up Eden has asked to meet Devlin because her sister is seeing his playboy brother and it’s serious. She feels the need to discuss and vent her concerns and end up in Dev’s brother’s hotel room in let’s say a compromising situation. It’s one that definitely will have the reader giggling! It’s only then that Devlin realizes that he must ask Eden to go away with him because it’s very obvious to both of them that the passion still exists between them after three years of being separated. Dev plans an oh so romantic getaway at a private and secluded island.

As you experience their romantic journey you learn a couple of things…..Eden definitely is the caretaker in her family…..she adores her younger sister, is skeptical of her relationship with Nate, Dev’s brother and has always watched out for her sibling. You also learn that the four months she spent with Devlin were glorious and that when she ended it it was because he would never commit and she was hurt badly. So now, why take the chance? Honestly I don’t think they ever had closure nor did they ever stop caring about each other.

Devlin Stone is one sexy and charismatic man and due to the behaviour of his father he has commitment issues. He’s very close to his brother Nate and it’s very obvious he misses Eden and he would like to continue the relationship but definitely not marriage as Eden would like. Talk about a romantic getaway, their days spent on the private island will absolutely take your breath away but in the end, Eden realizes she must cut Devlin out of her life and then she finds that she’s expecting his baby.

While being a beautiful loe story, at times it was painful to read because it’s obvious that the more Dev is with Eden, he definitely doesn’t want to let her go. He never wanted to hurt her like his father hurt his mother and he defintely didn’t want to persue the relationship if he couldn’t commit. As for Eden, she defintely wants the dream, she wants it all, marriage and family and Dev.

You’ll love the ending……let’s just say the siblings intervene and when Dev see’s his baby’s sonagram and the beautiful woman he adores, just prepare yourself for a ton of tears. Devil In A Dark Blue Shirt is definitely a romance I’ll read over and over again.

Book Description:

When Eden Foley walked out of millionaire bad boy Devlin Stone's life, she vowed it would be forever. He knew just how to make her tremble with desire, but he was dangerous! Now, forced to contact Devlin, Eden is stunned—he wants to pick up from where they left off. Even worse, her traitorous body seems to agree!

Will one night with Devlin mean she can finally move on with her life…? Or has this devil in a dark blue suit got other, more pleasurable plans in mind?

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