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Fools Gold Series - Susan Mallery

If you're a Susan Mallery fan then you have a great year to look forward to, Fools Gold and the website will soon be available after the first of the year.  The first book in the series will be released May 2010.

From the pre-website of Fools Gold

"Thanks for stopping by! Fool’s Gold, California is the setting of the series I’m launching in May, 2010 with the release of CHASING PERFECT. This series is something new and exciting for me. As long as I can find inspiration in this fabulous town, I’ll continue to set books here. And I can’t imagine ever running out of inspiration. Fool’s Gold has everything. Well, everything except enough men. The poor town is suffering from a mysterious man shortage… but you’ll learn more about that soon. isn’t quite ready for its big unveiling, but the site will be worth the wait, I promise! I have all sorts of fun stuff planned for you. You’ll learn about the history of Fool’s Gold, take a virtual tour through an interactive map of the town, and even be able to download a free cookbook with reader recipes. (If you’d like to contribute a favorite recipe to the cookbook, please keep an eye on for details.) I’m going to have some exciting contests, which you won’t want to miss.

The best way for you to know when goes online is to join the free Members Only area on my website, Members will receive an email the moment the website is announced. You can also join my Facebook page, or follow me on Twitter,

Thanks for visiting The Land of Happy Endings!"  Susan Mallery

From a July Examiner interview with author Susan Mallery

Have I mentioned that I love what I do? I’m working on a super-fun new series set in Fool’s Gold, California, a fabulously quaint town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Think tree-lined streets, historic homes, wineries, and a picturesque lake. The series will launch in May 2010 with FAKING PERFECT. Or so I hope. Actually the book will be out in May, but I’ve just heard Marketing wants us to rethink the title.

This is something new for me. Rather than writing a series with a specific beginning and end, I’m creating Fool’s Gold to be ongoing. So far, I’ve got five books planned, and who knows where we’ll go from there. Each book will be a standalone story, so readers don’t have to worry about reading them in order, but because the books share a setting, readers will have the opportunity to check back in with characters they’ve come to love.

I’m going to give readers some fun extras to go along with this series. I’ve created a tourist map that shows a close-up of the downtown area and has ads from lots of local businesses. My team is working on a tourist website,, which will have announcements, a calendar of events, and other fun ways for readers to feel like a part of the community. (That website will be available at the beginning of the year.)

In FAKING PERFECT (or whatever the title becomes), the first book of the Fool’s Gold series, city planner Charity Jones is hired under false pretenses. Only after she picked up her life and moved to a new town does she discover that her primary job function is to recruit companies with lots of men.

According to preliminary census data, Fool’s Gold is suffering from a puzzling man shortage. Josh Golden, local hero and international bicycling superstar, is one of the few who stuck around, much to Charity’s dismay. How’s a girl supposed to work with an infuriating man like Josh telling her how to do her job?

Chasing Perfect - HQN -- Book 1 Fools Gold series - May 2010

Almost Perfect - HQN -- Book 2 Fools Gold series - July 2010

Finding Perfect - HQN -- Book 3 Fools Gold series  - September 2010 (For those of you who loved Raoul in the middle book of the Bakery Sisters--Sweet Spot--he's the hero in this book!)

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